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Too many of the interviews about Ochs are carried out with family members and relatively unknown friends: folksinger Judy Henske; his sister, Sunny Ochs; his divorced wife, Alice Ochs; his daughter Meegan; and his brother, Michael Ochs, who is also the film's director.
They had two children, including Arlo, who is now 65 and a folksinger who regularly tours.
Folksinger Pete Seeger recorded "Which Side Are You On?
For these commentators, apparently, teachers are made of the same ticky-tacky that was used to build those identical "little boxes on the hillside" about which folksinger Malvina Reynolds crooned back in the 1960s.
Entertainment will include performances from folksinger Rebecca Westlake, Rumba Northwest and DJ KitchenSink.
Mushin Bey, a traditionalist, and Ali, a young folksinger partial to newfangled Arab-style music, are pushed together in a nearly catastrophic clash of cultures.
18 (ANI): Well-known folksinger,songwriter and Amnesty activist Joan Baez will receive an award named for her for advancing the cause of human rights.
Actress Neha Dhupia will perform at the first reception with folksinger Gurdas Mann," a source said.
folksinger, storyteller, and autoharp virtuoso Adam Miller adapts traditional American folk songs for young people.
John Warner is a folksinger, songwriter, and long-time collaborator
Folksinger Dafydd Iwan performed his song Oscar Romero and 13-year-old Mari Fflur sang a new poem by poet Dafydd Pritchard that was specially written for the occasion.
After meeting "the Professor," a charismatic specialist in linguistics who had been a folksinger in 1960's Greenwich Village when Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were fellow travelers, the 22-year-old Terry bravely decides to act on her feelings: "I couldn't go on, I told myself, without making some decisive move.
Titled Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau, it is a play written and produced by folksinger Michael Johnathon, and tells the story of the final two days Thoreau spent in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond.
In this haunting video, Chile-born Navarro refers to folksinger and songwriter Victor Jara, killed in September 1973 in Chile Stadium by Pinochet's forces.
Flicking through it, I see that Ades is currently rubbing shoulders with Arthur Bliss (I've had a blitz on Bliss recently), anonymous English vocal music of the middle ages, Miles Davis, Kate Bush, John Foulds, Irish folksinger Pauline Scanlon (who I discovered last week on Charlie Gillett's late-night Radio 3 show), Radiohead, The Sixteen and several electronic pieces by Jonathan Harvey.