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characteristic of country life

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very informal and familiar

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Together these Connecticut-based demonologists project a down-to-earth folksiness that belies the hair-raising intensity of their spiritual warfare.
The electronic aspect of her music does not mask the natural folksiness of her voice, a point illustrated by her song Magpie on her last release.
There's still a great sense of openness about the whole thing, even moving from Pistol Whipped's odd brand of folksiness to Childhood's more straight-up guitar rock.
Farm-fresh without the folksiness, Hatfields offers a nightly vegetarian prix fixe menu that might include a watermelon, avocado, and burrata salad, or a wild mushroom and buckwheat crepe.
The more vulnerable moments were interspersed with some down-home folksiness, especially by Gary Versace's blazing technique on the Hammond organ, giving us that authentic good-time gospel flavor -- until the instrument suddenly malfunctioned, rising a half-step up by itself in the middle of a number.
While there's a certain folksiness to her vocals, her music is more sophisticated that that of Emily Sailers or Amy Ray.
I enjoyed the challenge of identifying the characters musically--the volatile and wide-ranging bass-baritone of Quartz, the folksiness of the half-witted hired man Ned, Miss Beech on her bicycle, the more sophisticated and reserved lovers (Daisy lost and frightened, and Jonathan a reader of, in Reaney's phrase, "difficult books under easy haystacks").
The book opens with Willie visiting a local city where he is able to impress the crowd with his generic folksiness.
Shuttered since 1997, the Alameda Naval Air Station occupies one-third of Alameda, an island next door to downtown Oakland known as a time warp to 1950s architecture and Kiwanis Club folksiness.
The performance of Grieg's Holberg Suite was splendid, both its mournful romanticism and jolly folksiness winningly played.
Despite its folksiness, the "home you've got" is Hollywood.
Just as the media exploit "the commercial potential of folksiness," vernacular actors can exploit the media (Clements 1974, 318).
The Hutchinsons' folksiness combined with fervent belief in abolition, temperance, and Christian salvation; they toured Britain in 1845-46 and though they received respectable reviews in London it is doubtful that they made a sufficient impression to stick in the British public's imagination until 1857.
But Vesterbro has retained its touch of folksiness.
The narrative tone blends self-conscious folksiness with a Southern patrician drawl and meshes surprisingly well with the slick photography and layout.