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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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16 with a carnival at the park and continues on Saturday and Sunday with a festival of bands, folkloric music and dancing, and food vendors.
In alluding to Cain and Abel, the film parallels traditional folkloric uses of the Bible to comment on African-American social traditions.
This festival turned into an economic, agricultural, artistic and folkloric phenomenon that reflects the level of development cotton industry has reached in Syria.
You have also brilliantly pointed up the resemblance of such a position to that of the earlier Modernist masters who defended art against the contaminations of kitsch and folkloric primitivism, which they saw as debased, and as little better than the kind of immorality and criminality from which, I see, the Alps are not immune.
Ajyal (Generations) band performed dances and Oriental music (Takht) ensemble, led by Maestro Nazih As'aad, chanted folkloric songs during the first day.
El-Shiekh Zein Mahmoud the ambassador of Egypt's folkloric music
Sharjah -- Folkloric arts and dances attracted national, Arab and non-Arab visitors and lovers of heritage and music since the launch day of the 13th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days.
The main attractions of the Mela include ArtisansatWork Exhibition, Folkloric Song and Dance Ensembles, Performances by Rural Musicians, Traditional Cuisine, Display by Public Sector Organizations and NGOs, Craft Bazaar and many more.
The meeting also discussed the role of the Association in spreading awareness towards traditional Kuwaiti arts, mainly in the folkloric music part, said the statement.
The mayoralty has redeveloped the market while maintaining traditional and folkloric activity to accommodate low-income families," he said.
Hernandez has taught Afro-Cuban folkloric dance worldwide, and Bernal is a master percussionist, songwriter and dancer.
He pointed out that "the first day is dedicated to the national Symphony team that will present the musical twinning including folkloric and modern Iraqi and Baghdadi music, on the second day a Lebanese folkloric team will be invited to perform their activities with the participation of the Iraqi National Folkloric team.
Construction of a new building at each area for folkloric glee including:
During the visit, the delegations were briefed on the main mud palace and its contents, and attended a number of folkloric shows.
The demonstration followed the launch of a campaign by the Folkloric Heritage House to pass a law that sets 18 as the minimum age of marriage.