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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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As every folklorist knows, folklore turns up in newspapers with some frequency.
Among the tall tales are some reminiscent of mosquito stories found in Michael Taft's Tall Tales of British Columbia (Sound Heritage 39, 1983) and Herbert Halpert's "Mosquitoes on the Runway" (Western Folklore 49 [1990]: 145-161).
Cucumbers is a good source of folklore in newspapers; it would probably make a good supplementary textbook for a course inclined towards the interactions of folklore and popular media.
Although popular mentalities have become a subject of close scrutiny by historians of early modem France, few studies of the French Reformation have been rooted in the ethnography and folklore of the regions most affected by this epochal shift in religious comportments.
He does this, in part, by appropriating local folklore but denying the efficacy of popular talismans and rituals reputed to ward off the nouement.
Nogues' survey of folklore and popular pastimes on the French mid-Atlantic littoral is still one of the best ethnographies of the region penned by a local erudit scrupulous about the regional specificity of the rites and locutions he describes.