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the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community

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We''ve never been so short of beds and expect more than 1,000 folkies, many of whom will sleep in their own caravans and tents.
Hajdu's explanation of the folk authenticity ethos is evocative, and certainly as good as or better than anything the folkies themselves could have come up with.
The pretend documentary follows a group of '60s folkies who are brought back together for a tribute concert to their former manager.
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Radio 2, 8pm Gone are the days of folkies as middle-aged men with chunky jumpers and big beards drinking real ale and strumming some unidentifiable medieval instrument - it's getting much hipper, apparrently, hence this awards show.
Folkies have been camping "in" since the event started 1979.
The son of Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, two of the most respected 1970s folkies, Rufus Wainwright evokes the sounds of Tin Pan Alley, Gilbert and Sullivan, post-breakdown Brian Wilson, and Harry Nilsson--but from an utterly contemporary perspective, one that's strikingly world-weary coming from such a young man, even if he has an old voice.
VARIOUS The Classic Rock Songbook Vol 1 (Classic Rock) USED to be that cover albums were to be avoided like the plague, but this magazine-mounted freebie sets new standards as Irish rock heroes The Answer take Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion up a gear, Billy Idol axeman Steve Stevens scorches Robin Trower's Day Of The Eagle, and Scandinavian folkies Hellsongs radically revamp Van Halen's Jump (a track not on their own acclaimed album).
Watching these balding, gone-to-seed folkies, you can't help but remember that these are the same guys who played the hairy heavy-metal gods in ``This Is Spinal Tap'' and that those musicians once aimlessly roamed similar hallways, straining to find the stage door before a concert.
Both Fly and Are You A Souljah live on the Fun Lovin' Criminals block, Monday Don't Mean Anything is gospel blues with squiggly electro beats and Sweet Joy sees Scots folkies The Proclaimers guesting on a Led Zeppelin- style stomp.
Sunday's event drew folkies to four stages, where Celtic, bluegrass and other music kept heads bobbing - or feet twirling - under the oaks of Encino Park.
It's about time Woody Guthrie was more than just a memory for a few faithful folkies.
UNDERGROUND New York electric folkies Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan taught one another to play guitar over the telephone.
Folkies with tradition (``Come in My Kitchen,'' ``The Coo Coo,'' even ``Orange Blossom Special''), flower child idealism (``Life Is Large,'' ``River of Fallen Stars'') and even classicism (Bach's ``Jesu, Joy of Man`s Desiring'') in mind, the D.
This, the follow-up to her widely acclaimed Robert Burns project, finds her in the company of folkies such as John McCusker, Boo Hewerdine, Kevin McGuire, Alan Kelly and Roy Dodds.
So, it's curious this tribute, where folkies old and new sing a favorite Bob tune, should be such a drag.