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He fell in with a crowd of hard-left folkie types and became consumed by the Woody Guthrie myth-not through the man's actual music but through Bound for Glory, his autobiography about life on the road.
TEDDY Thompson @Glee Club, Cardiff(Tuesday): Son of legendary folkie Richard(whose in town on the 26th) plugs his own brand of radio-friendly rootsy pop.
He uses to perfection the scratchy, soulful vocals of Matthew Santos, a little known Chicago folkie, with condescending lyrics that shun the 'superstar' label given to most music artists.
The guitar-guru folkie made one of his records in a log cabin, spent two years traveling the country with his wife and son in a camper pulled by a biodiesel truck, and recorded an album of sacred poems set to music.
Florida native Sam Bream rarely tours but this is a chance to catch his 'kind of country, kind of folkie, kind of indie' engaging lyrical sound, promoting new album Shepherd's Dog.
A New England folkie with a parched, wounded voice and a mean way with an acoustic guitar, Pureka makes romantic depression seem, somehow, invigorating.
Festival director Alwyn Jones said: ``You don't have to be a folkie to come along - a fun weekend for all the family with loads of entertaining attractions.
I had never heard of Redwing Music or Cindy Mangsen, and I have never been all that much of a folkie.
KATHRYN WILLIAMS PRESENTS The Pond A fetching departure from folkie Williams who threads a fetching array of beats, loops and triphop styles into a record which confidently advances her gameplan.
A kind of west Ireland tribute to Lord Of The Rings, should movie Peter Jackson go looking for a soundtrack to The Hobbit, he could do worse than license Coyne's folkie gem.
WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS Goodnight ( Naim Edge) AMERICAN folkie William Fitzsimmons deals with the breakdown of his parents' marriage on this tender acoustic album.
Dave Pegg and PJ Wright, Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff, Thursday Fairport Conventioneer Pegg and folkie mainstay Wright bring their guitars, bouzoukis, mandolin, dobros, harmonicas and bass to the fore.
For all their folkie tendencies, the band can also rock as hard as anybody when they click and Dave Lambert, who looks like he's been around a block or two, is a lean, mean guitarist.
Highlight tracks: Toots' ``Country Roads,'' Eric Bibb's (son of folkie Leon Bibb) thoughtful ``Turning World,'' the beautiful Creole singing of Jessica on ``Ying Yang''
Every year since I've been born I've been going to Ibiza too," says the 23-year-old folkie.