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genre of art of unknown origin that reflects traditional values of a society

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Russia has such a rich folk-art tradition that it was difficult to choose just one project.
Every imaginable folk-art icon dear to an American's heart is here, including hand-carved carousel horses, towering cigar-store Native Americans and other figures, ship figureheads, early American still lifes, unusual bird decoys (including a stately driftwood heron), coverlets, quilts, pottery, and weather vanes, including, as Longenecker describes it, "a big, gorgeous golden goat
Like many folk-art paintings, the paintings of Grandma Moses reflect the society and era in which she lived and worked.
Often folk-art mannerisms butt up against passages of idiosyncratic fierceness.
5--7--Color) The bedroom above has a Mexican folk-art motif, built around a massive bed with pine head- and footboards accented with leather.
A folk-art show from the Soviet Union, on view at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center from June 21 to July 29, enriches understanding of a country more often described in political than in human terms.
Corpuscle- and cell-like shapes are plentiful, as are other forms with myriad associations: eyeballs, candies, toy balls, folk-art flower-stars, seashells, planets.
It is a treasure box for adults, with giant folk-art creations such as fanciful weather vanes, cigar-store Indians, quilts, lavishly decorated furniture and hooked rugs.
By attaching an expensive durable surface to variously shaped scraps of low-quality building materials, Durant seemed to revel in a folk-art esthetic of mix-and-match, transforming useless scrap into a welcome sight.
The Folk Artist's Foundation provides encouragement, support (financial and other) and exposure for artists working in the folk-art tradition.