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a writer of folktales

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What a relief, then, to see him say that he's glad Queer As Folk writer Russell T Davies is doing the script, "as I'd sooner do it with someone who's going to take the mickey out of me than be all pompous and pretentious about it.
With Swansea-born former Queer As Folk writer Russell Davies on board, he believes they have the right person creating the programme.
A new series of Dr Who is currently being penned by Queer As Folk writer Russell T Davies,and speculation is already ripe about who will become the ninth actor to fill his shoes.
Michael, who is single but has dated Lisa Faulkner and glamour model Lindsey Dawn MacKenzie, will play Casanova living in modern times in a show scripted by Queer As Folk writer Russell T.
Well, according to Queer As Folk writer Russell T Davies, he got the inspiration from none other than Geordie children's TV drama Byker Grove.
The Queer as Folk writer was addressing the Celtic Film and Television Festival at Holland House Hotel - a week-long event showcasing Welsh creative talent that ends today.
But the BBC has denied Basil Brush is homophobic and claimed the Queer As Folk writer "interpreted" the scene wrongly.
Queer As Folk writer Russell T Davies says each great gay entertainer has pushed the door open wider for those who follow.
I've pulled from a lot of American roots forms in the past and I love the blues, country and a lot of traditional folk writers such as John Prine.
He delved into Texas folk writers, poetry and took inspiration from bluegrass, blues, alt country and old country.
Our office, while continuing to serve the needs of Country and Christian music's greatest writers and publishers, will expand our vision and strategy to also meet the needs of the Pop, International, Urban and Folk writers, as well as film and television composers, who work, live and thrive in this region.