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a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk

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14 ( ANI ): New insights into the origins and development of folk tales are being provided by the application of scientific analysis that are more commonly used by biologists to produce an evolutionary tree of life diagram.
But can a folk tale serve such a subject matter, some may ask.
The QHIC presented recently its last public talk in the "My Identity, My Story" education project to save Qatar's endangered folk tale tradition.
Through this immersion, Ghanim gathered a lot of folk tales and stories.
Instead, Schacker convincingly argues that while the English may not have produced collections of English folk tales meant to define and shore up national identity, collectors and translators such as Edgar Taylor, T.
In ``The Crane Wife,'' the Decemberists' latest album, the indie group tells the Japanese folk tale of the same name.
One of my favorites is to contrast the story of water turning into wine with the African folk tale of Ezra and the village feast.
Their literary bent remains intact, however: The title was inspired by an ancient Japanese folk tale.
Created by Walk the Plank and carnival arts organisation Kinetika, the tale is inspired by a traditional Bengali folk tale.
The Witch's Bogey, based on the classic Russian folk tale, will be performed at Solihull Arts Complex on February 14.
They may read a new fairy or folk tale and either analyze it from a critical perspective without use of library or electronic sources or respond to it personally in a reader-response fashion.
Despite the flights of imagination for which the Arab folk tale and epic are justly famous, fantasy remained rare in modern Arabic fiction until quite late.
In this animated version of an ancient Chinese folk tale, the young Mulan (Ming-Na) takes up an unexpected calling as a hero-warrior when she steals the family sword and runs off to answer the draft disguised as a man.
The piece, commissioned for the Sarasota Opera, is based on a children's book by Rafe Martin, a retelling of a Russian folk tale about two brothers, one kind, one selfish, trying to make their way in the world.
This story, based on a Korean folk tale, is not only amusing, but also packed with lessons for life.