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a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture

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In previous North-South joint orchestral music concerts, they played some folk songs such as "Arirang.
As folk songs are born from the frustrations, simplicity and vivacity of the common man, they have been and continue to be a strong inspiration for classical composers whether through direct use of folk melodies and rhythms or through creating music injected with the spirit of folk music.
Petersburg Jewish Folk Music Society took root), his discovery of folk song has a seismic effect on his life and career: first in helping the fledgling scholar/fieldworker/conductor/composer find meaning in his work, and then in helping him negotiate the dangerous climate of the Stalinist era as a well-known intellectual in a university position.
Grainger's contribution to musical modernism through folk song arrangements is the focus of Peter Tregear's chapter.
Raising a young family while simultaneously working on folk song transcriptions for the Lomax's, it was inevitable that family life and work would continuously intertwine.
Thus the first of his chapters on song, "Careless Love," recounts the folk songs on courtship, marriage and child-rearing, while the second chapter: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," moves from religious songs like "Amazing Grace" to patriotic songs like "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," whose origins are often obscure to many American children and adults.
The irresistible Russian folk-song had the audience clapping along, while a work by Aaron Copland after a Spanish folk song challenged the chorus's rhythmic sense.
The Romanian striker has had a folk song written about the story of his move to Lincoln, and he heard it for the first time at the weekend.
I could have taken it on the chin had it been a great Welsh folk song like David of the White Rock.
Olson's book is 'about depictions of Russianness in musical form', not rural folk song in its village context.
The men will present a David Dickau arrangement of ``America the Beautiful,'' and the women will present Robert Greenlee's folk song, ``Johnny Has Gone for A Soldier,'' in addition to Copland's ``The Horses.
Odum's Folklore Odyssey consists of six chapters: an overview of Odum's life, his career, and his agenda at the University of North Carolina; a study of his folk song collections; a review of his use of folklore in his Black Ulysses trilogy; an examination of his relationship with John Wesley "Left Wing" Gordon; a discussion of the impact of folklore studies on race matters; and finally an appreciation of Odum's mentorship of and collaboration with younger colleagues and Institute research assistants.
Maldicion de La Malinche is a Mexican folk song composed by Gabino Palomares that was popularized in the 1970s by the late Amparo Ochoa.
Shvily's video, whose title is taken from the Hasidic folk song "This Whole Wide World," documents such a sing-in.
The Pocket Knife," a chilling tune, takes its cues from an ancient antimarriage folk song, "Silver Dagger.