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a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture

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The aims of the Victorian and Edwardian folk song collectors were similar, in that they sought to preserve cultural artefacts from a past age which they regarded as a national legacy that was in danger of vanishing.
Apart from her Gaelic collections using the phonograph, Lucy Broadwood collected just four Scots folk songs in Scotland, from John Potts of Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, in 1907.
Although not obvious from the book's title, this is in fact a substantial treatment of the technique of folk music transcription from recordings, as well as a discussion of American folk song and a commentary on the performance styles associated with it.
For many years, she and George, together with their sons, Jon and Peter, ran a book, video, and record publishing and distribution business devoted both to Jean's repertoire and to folk song in general, which included the Greenhays label.
Like I said before, the story of this folk song is based on a family tradition.
But I am sorry that he is such a language fanatic that last night he had to sing the Welsh ballad - in the quartet of UK folk songs - in the Welsh language (riding roughshod over the 80% of Welshmen who are monoglot English speakers).
Hundreds voted for their most-loved folk song in the poll, organised as part of the recent Northumberland Traditional Music Festival.
Seeger's unabridged typescript languished in drawers--one version sat in her daughter Peggy Seeger's attic for twenty years--and remained known to only a handful of scholars, until editor Larry Polansky and the University of Rochester Press published this document, under its original name, The Music of American Folk Song.
As a folk song, "Dives and Lazarus" is only minimally related to the biblical parable, but Brown would hardly find this distinction or the problems posed by the song's encapsulating form compelling.
The folk song "SeyaSeya" is built on a three-note scale.
After a decade fronting Catatonia, Cerys is now concentrating on folk songs as will be revealed on the St David's Day special Max Boyce Goes to College, which was recorded in front of a young audience last month.
Bohlman reminds us that Walter Wiora made pioneer efforts to classify common melodic patterns in European folk song.
There will be folk song and dance from Nepal to be performed by the Nepal Seattle Society.
8) Some other writers of this period, however, did try to understand the nature of and motivations for folk song collecting.
Program highlights include swinging spirituals arranged by popular contemporary John Rutter, George Frederic Handel's ``Zadok the Priest (Coronation Anthem),'' the English folk song, ``Scarborough Fair,'' the rollicking fun of ``Cindy'' (an American hoe-down traditional), a medley from the smash hit musical ``Les Miserables'', a chorale ensemble's jazz rendition of the Beatles' ``Michelle,'' and the poetry and harmonies of ``When Morning Breaks,'' Petker's original composition for mixed voices a capella.