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a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture

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The Mountain Folk Singers will perform tonight at 8, and Burch will perform at 7:30 p.
Previously they have been nominated individually for the Mercury award and won BBC Folk Singer of the Year.
What: Opening night of These Friday Nights, the annual four-week Topanga summer music series, this year featuring several tributes to populist folk singer Woody Guthrie.
Allan Taylor and Rab Noakes, Sage Gateshead FOLK singers Taylor and Noakes were born in the 1940s and started performing in the 1960s.
The aim was to reinvigorate the careers of early folk singers, including Cardiff-born Heather Jones, who has a Welsh-language track included on the album.
DAFYDD Iwan said in one of his first speeches as president of Plaid Cymru: "I read in the newspapers that I'm a folk singer.
POPULAR folk singer Dolores Keane has been hit with a massive pounds 30,000 bill by the taxman.
Member Engineering said that recreational and entertainment activities not only provide opportunities to folk singers and artists but also help promote our rich culture at international level.
3 ( ANI ): Bollywood actor Raza Murad on Sunday condoled the death of renowned Pakistani folk singer Reshma, and said that her songs will be cherished forever.
She became an instant hit and since that day, Reshma has been one of the most popular folk singers of Pakistan, appearing on television in the 1960s, recording songs for both the Pakistani and Indian film industry, and performing at home and abroad.
Belonging to the Kapurthala music tradition and the lineage of Saeen Ilyas, he had a unique edge over other folk singers.
He shares with the Hall Two audience some advice that he was given by fellow Scot and folk singer Alex Campbell many years ago when he first starting performing: that folk singers should leave their egos in the dressing room.
net, fans of traditional Egyptian folk will get a chance to watch Shabola perform on the Abi Riqaq Stage alongside a number of Moroccan folk singers.
Music can be seen as something that bridges the gap between different kinds of people, ethnicities, in northeast we hardly know the Hindi singers or those folk singers but after listening to their music we could associate with the music even if we do not know their language.
Summary: DUBAI -- Pakistani popular folk singers Sanam Marvi and Shaukat Ali performed at a concert organised by the Pakistan Consulate Dubai on Friday to celebrate their country's National Day at the H.