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someone who does folk dances

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One of my neighbors used to teach children the Quran but she refused to teach my daughters because they are the daughters of a folk dancer," she said.
The press conference will feature special sample performances by the multi-talented Congolese Artist/Musician “Isaac Katalay,” Master Drummer/Dancer “Sidiki Conde” and Rwandan Goodwill Ambassador and Folk Dancer “Marie Claudine.
Mohammed Al Abri, a 55 year-old folk dancer from Ibri, says that in the earlier days, during Eid festivities, there were friendly competitions between the tribes in Ibri.
Deadline: 02-07-05; Number Awarded: 1 For summer workshop; preference given to Spanish, flamenco, ethnic, folkloric, or folk dancer
Let's sell it all,'" longtime folk dancer Millie Illin said later, in English.
Her partners in Yaroslavl have been Alexander Girshon, a dancer and improviser influenced by experimental theater, and Nadia Pushanetsky, a folk dancer turned economist.
OPERA superstar Bryn Terfel has congratulated a young folk dancer and flautist for winning his scholarship this year.
It's very interesting and very important," said a folk dancer from Poland.
So, we are here to participate in the festival," said Mahai Lunghar, a young folk dancer.
That's my cousin Lois, Rose and Mart's daughter, a doctor and a travel agent and an absolutely fabulous folk dancer.
An avid folk dancer, Chow is particularly attracted to hula for its spiritual and emotional elements.
He founded the Folk Dancer Record Company, organized the Michael Herman Folk Dance Orchestra, and taught widely.
In that year, folk dancers entertained at the adult school in Lindley, while, as this picture shows, youngsters from Highfields Gears went off on a trip, and the photographer captured Huddersfield and Halifax annual keep fit rally at Deighton in full flow.
We will arrange for Indian folk dancers and music performances to showcase the traditions of different states in India followed by a spectacular performance by a Japanese sitar player.
When she moved back to Eugene from Hawaii in 1979, she remembers that the first place she went to was a dance with the Veselo Community Folk Dancers, a local group that meets weekly at the In Shape Athletic Club.