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someone who does folk dances

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I used to [focus on singing] but then I realized that female folk dancers have more opportunities to travel abroad and earn money, so I concentrated on dancing," added Al-Amrani.
We met our traditional folk dancers at Whitby Folk Festival some years ago and thought a dance off between them and modern street dancers would be great.
From an Italian flag-waving troupe to folk dancers from Thailand and traditional Chilean and Russian performers, there was something for everyone as the welcoming procession marched from John Whitehead Park towards the Causeway on Saturday.
INSTRUMENTAL ensemble: 1 21 Strings Guzheng Ensemble, China; 2 Derby Grammar School, England; 3 Kiltearn Fiddlers, Scotland Choral group: 1 Azusa Pacific University Singers, USA; 2 One Chamber Choir, Singapore; 3 Ysbrydoliaeth (Nidus Show Choir), Wales International Voice of the Future: 1 Meinir Wyn Roberts, Wales; 2 Angharad Lyddon, Wales; 3 Eleanor Hodkinson, Wales Choreographed/Stylised Dance: 1 Gardua Cendekia High School, Indonesia; 2 Loughgiel Folk Dancers, N Ireland; 3 Thrales Rapper, England Folk instrumental: 1 Yijing Feng, China; 2 Chin Ching Au, China; 3 Chujie Xu, China Dancing in the Street: 1 Thrales Rapper, England; 2 Regency Rejigged, England; 3 Ahidus Imgun Danse A'Beille, Morocco
Folk dancers Cwmni Dawns Werin Caerdydd have been hosting Gwyl Ifan since 1977 and will lead a 100-strong troupe around the former docks from 11am onwards.
A variety of cultural programs attended by 900 young men, including folk dancers, were held to add color to the ceremony.
The Ghatkopar MLA has roped in folk dancers and stunt performers to boost the numbers during the party membership drive and is organising their shows in his constituency every Sunday.
The grand celebration was highlighted by an antique gallery and traditional tents, serving traditional Arabic delicacies and also featured Arabic folk dancers for entertainment.
A total of 1,923 folk dancers began to perform zeybek at 19: 23 and the large group formed the number 1923, which is the year when the Republic of Turkey was founded.
Folk dancers representing different cultural backgrounds of the country also remained busy with their performances.
A group of folk dancers, artists dressed in elaborate costumes and a band played continually and entertained guests throughout the day.
When our folk dancers go to another country the Greek Cypriot side is protesting.
venpick Hotel Istanbul and dance performances by 10 folk dancers showcasing their culture.
Yes, I am walking away in order to open a rehabilitation centre for injured Welsh Folk Dancers.
A YEAR ago the Newcastle Kingsmen were in Oman to perform with other English folk dancers.