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And for the second time in their long history coming to the festival they won first prize in the adult folk dance competition.
English Country Dance, then, has been a central part of the origins of the folk dance movement in the United States, and its history as both an educational policy and personal practice illuminates much about the middle-class fraction for whom it became a recreational passion.
Apart from folk dances performed by colorfully-clad Hungarian children, the program featured a solo by Japanese folk dancer, Jin Suzuki, who has been studying folk dance in Hungary over the past three years.
The festival was held in two categories of classical and folk dances, and in three age categories: senior group (aged 16-18), middle group (14-16) and junior group (12-14).
We have just performed the traditional folk dance of Haryana named 'Ghodi'.
Dancers will perform regional folk dances such as the Sur, Litoral, Danza hoy, Norte and Pampeano.
The performances by the students included Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi and Pushto folk songs, Balochi Leva folk dance, Sindhi Jhoomar folk dance, Pakhtun Khattak folk dance, Punjabi Sammi folk dance, Kathak classical dance, Bharatanatyam classical dance, and Classical singing.
Folk dance groups, Dawnswyr Nantgarw and Dawnswyr Bro Taf, have returned this week from a successful tour in Palma, Mallorca.
The troupe specialises in folk dance routines inspired by a range of European and international folk dance styles.
30pm Orchestra/Band under 25 years Weston Theatre 6pm Ffwrnais presents Melangell Other competitions Harp solo Yrs 10 and under Boys solo folk dance 15-25 yrs Cerdd dant solo Yrs 10 and under Mixed medley dance Yrs 10 and under Recitation group Yrs 10 and under Piano solo Yrs 10 and under Girls solo folk dance 15-25 yrs Cerdd dant duet/trio/quartet Yrs 10 and under Girls solo Yrs 10 and under
The Friendly Folk Dance Club meets every Monday at Elmdon Heath Community Centre, Cornyx Lane, Solihull, at 7.
The afternoon features dances by Blanca, Zenaide, Altagracia Bruno, and Layla in an array of genres: belly dancing, Turkish gypsy dance, and Egyptian folk dance, as well as traditional Middle Eastern dances influenced by flamenco, rock, and hip-hop, www.
feature an array of artists, from blues to Russian folk dance.
A morris and folk dance club is held on Mondays in the Scout hut near Whitley Bay Ice Rink.