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a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture

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Some say it represented a comeback for folk ballads after their heyday in the early 1990s.
Note: A retelling of the Romanian folk ballad "Ballad of
Lomax's work coincided with another educational enterprise that positioned the folk ballad as at once a point of entry and point of departure, Brooks and Warren's Understanding Poetry.
Wilfred Local musician and the man behind the Wilfred Owen Story museum, Dean Johnson, said: "The song, based on the traditional Irish folk ballad The Fields of Athenry, speaks articulately and compassionately about the sacrifice that the memorial represents.
While running through a folk ballad in the home of former professional clairvoyant Annie Jenkins, Alasdair found himself joined by another.
On Tuesday, Margaret begins her expedition with Tchaikovsky's Dumka, an 1886 piece based on the Slavonic folk ballad form, before embarking on a lengthier journey with Chopin - playing the Polonaise in A major, Op.
Goethe's Faust, modern Slovenian novelist Boris Pahor's The City in the Bay) from biblical and Greek tales, and for the first time for English readers, variants of the Slovenian folk ballad of Lepa Vida (Fair Veda).
The novel ends not with that news story, not even with one of Melville's wonderful cascading paragraphs, but with a folk ballad.
Just the Way You Are (thankfully not the Billy Joel song, but a folk ballad, written by band member Dirk Powell) was a poignant treat.
At fourteen, this wunderkind walked into pop producer Shadow Morton's office, and the very next week she recorded her controversial folk ballad about interracial dating, "Society's Child.
Campbell also performed several solo tracks, including pretty folk ballad Black Mountain and the jazz-tinged Saturday's Gone.
He says: "It was sparked off by Stephen Pearson and me singing the Irish folk ballad The Fields of Athenry with some Celtic supporters in Dublin during Jackie McNamara's testimonial dinner.
We learn the facts of drug-cartel economics but also, for example, how "Shorty" rises from impoverished campesino to wealthy drug lord through his careful playing of the compadrismo (brotherhood) game; we also learn the details of his cowboy-styled shootout and death that eventually become transformed into a folk ballad of legendary appeal chock full of heroism, loyalty, and betrayal.
Philip Feeney's anxious electronic music is unrelenting and unnerving, but there are moments for melodic escape--the sudden introduction of a folk ballad is as startling as a scream.
much-eulogised leader of the United Irishmen, the first political expression of Irish Republicanism, and hero of folk ballad The Wearing of the Green.