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a thin layer or stratum of (especially metamorphic) rock

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The proof-of-concept research funding allowed Folium Optics to successfully demonstrate solutions that can switch between any of the colours that are normally used in camouflage.
0 mm) distinguished from other congeners by a combination of the following characters: leg formula I IV II III, presence of a conspicuous creamy, serrated and triangular folium situated distomedially on the opisthosoma (Fig.
The presence of the Echinodiscus balestrai OPPEN and Clipeaster folium MICHELIN in the base of formation verifies the age of Middle and Upper Oligocene in these sediments.
Bagchi (1939) calls this the Hessian folium of (1).
In 1991, Folium Plasticos produced 3000 tons of film, corresponding to $6 million in sales, 12% higher than 1990.
The projects will be broken into phases based on the pre-construction development work required at each site," said Brad Stutzman, vice president, Operations, Folium Energy.
98 hectare) Liaoning Yuhuan ganoderma lucidum implantation base; a production base for leaves of folium perillae and winter Chinese dates; a special grape production base for the Academy of Agricultural Sciences; a non-pesticide vegetable production demonstration base; an export flowers base; a 150 mu (9.
Ital portafogli(o), from L portare to carry and folium a leaf]
Print management company, Folium Group, has appointed Armadillo as its PR consultants.
Kevin Tyler, managing director of Folium Print Management Group, Birmingham, said interest rate cuts, however welcome, were not enough if manufacturing in the Midlands was to succeed in the long term.
Folium Print Management Group is producing posters, leaflets and other promotional materials for the Fire Brigades Union.
NYSE: TG) has acquired Folium Plasticos Especiais Ltda.
Keywords: Folium Eriobotryae (Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.
The printing industry is an important part of the West Midlands manufacturing economy and Kevin Tyler, managing director of Folium Print Group, which has a turnover of pounds 6.