folie a deux

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the simultaneous occurrence of symptoms of a mental disorder (as delusions) in two persons who are closely related (as siblings or man and wife)

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Folie a deux in bipolar affective disorder: A case report.
2) In this case, folie a deux occurred between the father and daughter, which is uncommon.
3, y en el segundo, como trastorno de ideas delirantes inducidas F24, e incluye el folie a deux (trois, etc.
Some years earlier they bought Napa Wine Cellars and Folie a Deux wineries, turning the Folie property north of St.
A Thornton 2009: Folie A Deux 7 11 3, P Brennan 6-4 Fav (T R George), 5 ran.
However, fans had received a shock after the bassist had Tweeted earlier this year that 2008's Folie a Deux may be their "swan song".
Their next single, I Don't Care will be released before the album Folie A Deux is out in December.
With the Sutter Home, Trinchero, Montevina, Trinity Oaks, Folie a Deux and the nonalcoholic Fre labels already in its fold, Trinchero Family Estates has announced its purchase of Napa Cellars.
Yet this frisky folie a deux hits the rocks when Carpenter's bisexuality emerges and Crane, whose out-of-control sexual proclivities become publicly known, attempts to reboot his flagging career.
In what the French call folie a deux, there is a patterned situation whereby two individuals--one of whom is psychologically stronger--become so involved with one another that the stronger of the two greatly influences the other's belief system (often a delusion of some kind).
5) I should like to suggest that Ford's interest in the workings of the mind may not have been confined to a study of Burton, and that 'Tis Pity She's A Whore may in fact be read as influenced by early diagnoses of the psychiatric syndrome folie a deux.
It seems that Richter and his foremost critical champion are engaged in a bizarre folie a deux, in which the question of whether or not what Richter is doing is what Buchloh says he's doing never comes to an agreeable end.
The plot is simple: Two women in late middle age meet, quarrel, fall in love and, in lieu of having sex, design for themselves a folie a deux that resembles in its bizarre intricacy the divine madness of the hippocidal hero of Equus.
During the wine tastings, Market Street's accredited beer and wine stewards will be on-hand to answer questions about pairings and describe the featured wines including: LaMarca Prosecco, Mirassou Pinot Noir, Mirassou Chardonnay, Coppola Sofia Mini's, Coppola Rosso, Coppola Claret, Friexenet Cordon Negro Brut, Friexenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry, Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut, Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Red, Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Chardonnay and Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Rose.
28 (480m H/c): Hypnotic Django (14), Nyla Lucky (W) (11), Daniels Saviour (8), Killieford Holly (4), Calico Jack (4), Folie A Deux (scr).