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Folic acid - which is already added to flour in more than 80 countries worldwide - is the synthetic form of folate (a type of B vitamin).
Dubai: About 70 per cent of birth defects related to the spinal cord can be prevented if pregnant mothers do not suffer from folic acid deficiency.
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has backed the call for to have folic acid added to it, saying it could reduce the number of much-wanted pregnancies that terminated due to neural tube defects.
Comment: The results of this meta-analysis indicate that folic acid supplementation is effective for stroke prevention, but only in populations with no or partial folic acid fortification.
Early on, food folate was given for people with a pregnancy-related anemia in the form of autolyzed yeast; later the synthetic form, folic acid, was developed.
Folic acid, a synthetic form of folate, is a B vitamin that when taken by a pregnant woman may help prevent neural tube defects, which are birth defects affecting the brain, spine, and spinal cord.
The various published studies leave little doubt that folic acid can significantly reduce the risk for many common cardiac malformations, but other questions remain.
What I didn't know, and it seems there are very few women who do know, that actually it is essential to take folic acid at least three months before you get pregnant.
population-based study and systematic review assessed the effect of timing of folic acid supplementation during pregnancy on the risk of the baby being SGA at birth, defined as birth weight less than the 10th percentile or in the lowest 10% of babies born.
The objective of this study from Norway was to examine the association of dietary folate intake and folic acid supplementation during different periods of pregnancy with the risk of spontaneous pre-term delivery (PTD).
Its main focus was on the provision of folate as folic acid or 5-MTHF (with or without other vitamins and minerals) in the periconceptional period (prior to conception and in early pregnancy, before 12 weeks' gestation) to reduce the first and second time occurrence of neural tube defects (NTDs) and other birth defects.
Thus, a focus on the role of folic acid during pregnancy is warranted.
ABSTRACTObjectives To find the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding Folic Acid Deficiency among Women of Child Bearing Age (WPCBA).
A IT'S important to start taking a daily folic acid supplement while you are trying to conceive and then to continue taking it for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (it is still safe to take it afterwards).