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Synonyms for foliation

(botany) the process of forming leaves

(geology) the arrangement of leaflike layers in a rock

(architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament

the production of foil by cutting or beating metal into thin leaves

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the work of coating glass with metal foil

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The bonanza gold grades in Tunnel XG-15 are associated with hydraulic breccias, which for the most part are parallel to the foliation (stratabound) although in places were observed to crosscut the foliation.
These dyke intersections may not represent true widths as they could lie close to the foliation plane of the host diorites.
Here, a greater willingness to accept the indeterminacy of the evidence, as it were, and, by extension, an alternative system of ordering the sheets (perhaps in separate batches, using consecutive foliation only where unequivocally warranted) might have been preferable.
x) CP12 downhole length of intersection as foliation is sub-parallel
The entries, in alphabetical then chronological order by category of book, include foliation or pagination, illustrations or music, size, collation (pre-1600 publications only), page layout and summary of characters and colors used, missing material, manuscript additions, bibliography, and a brief statement situating the book in the history of its rite or pointing to special features, which may include information from a preface or colophon or important or unusual items within (vernacular texts, mensural notation, and the like).
A pervasive regional foliation was observed in all outcrops, averaging 280 to 290 degrees/80-85 degrees.
Measurements of bedding and foliation indicate true thicknesses are very close to drilled intervals.
Gold had been observed as fine to coarse specks as well as thin foils parallel to quartz veinlets and the foliation.
A well developed, steeply dipping, northeast-trending foliation that is subparallel to bedding is the most prominent structural feature in the northeastern part of the belt where subaerial to shallow water volcanic sequences are prevalent (O'Brien 1976; Barr et al.
The primary foliation in the matrix parallels this trend, striking roughly NE throughout the melange with a near-vertical dip.
In fact, it was following foliation and was heading in a southwesterly direction towards the South Discovery Zone.
printed in 5/1 colors, horizontal foliation preperforated may 4, sheet.
Primary gold distribution at the Buffalo Gulch North zone, together with pyrite and other sulphide minerals, appear to be along steep structures subsidiary to the main shear zone and along the foliation of the gneisses.