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Synonyms for foliation

(botany) the process of forming leaves

(geology) the arrangement of leaflike layers in a rock

(architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament

the production of foil by cutting or beating metal into thin leaves

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the work of coating glass with metal foil

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In this test the specimen fractured along the foliation planes during the first reload cycle at a 17 MPa stress level.
3], an Enoki surface has no foliation other than this foliation F.
These rocks show a very well-developed foliation with a plane parallel geometry, which is defined by the preferred orientation of chlorite and actinolite.
Let (M,g, F) be a (p + q)-dimensional complete foliated Riemannian manifold with a foliation F of codimension q and a bundle-like metric g with respect to F.
Where the orientation of the foliation to the horizontal is less than 45[degrees] in some quartz mica schist samples, failure occurred along the foliation plane.
Carter, "Extended tensorial curvature analysis for embeddings and foliations," Contemporary Mathematics, vol.
This paper presents a laboratory study of the fracturing process of foliated migmatite under uniaxial loading and describes a different fracturing behavior depending on the mutual orientation of foliation, microcrack alignment and acting stress.
Anns Leucogranite display some development of foliation, generally parallel to the long dimensions of the plutons and regional foliation displayed by the country rocks.
The foliation plane in the metamorphic sole rocks on the northwestern base of the JTGM strikes northeast with a dip ranging from 20o 75o to the east (Fig.
The regional foliation is mostly a schistosity (S2) defined by the alternance of quartz and chlorite+white-mica bands (Fig.
The original foliation of the codex begins on the first folio containing music and continues until the end without errors or omissions until f.
Among their topics are perturbation and approximation, the smoothness of the foliation with respect to the base point, invariant manifold results, invariant curves of perturbed harmonic oscillators, and blow-up in singular perturbations.
Joints, bedding planes, layering, foliation and faults are amongst the most common type of discontinuities.
Concurrent with the exaggerated proliferation of flowers was a lack of foliation in many trees and shrubs.
The older sub-vertical foliation is in a north-south direction and is represented by the extension of quartz grains and quartz-spar aggregates.