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Synonyms for foliated

ornamented with foliage or foils


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(especially of metamorphic rock) having thin leaflike layers or strata

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In addition, several are located on or near the Bonny Fault or sub-parallel faults, which are major NW trending faults that cross-cut the local foliated rocks and may have been conduits for uranium-bearing fluids from the now eroded Athabasca sandstones which once overlaid the area.
The pegmatite crosscuts parallel to the foliation of the intensely foliated and sheared biotite-rich pelitic paragneiss.
10000, self adhesive plates metal inventories foliated a paratir aceurdo of 00001 and the design, see appendix attachment
The mineralised zone is intensely sheared and foliated with layers of magnetite chlorite and hematitic silica (jasper) bands across the 61m intersections.
oficio, butt prepicada, shot and printed in retirement, 4/1 color, with the municipal logo in the center (water seal), foliated, as shown in mandatory site visit.
Widespread gold mineralization on the property is localized in a 100-300 metre wide northeast-trending band of altered granitoid rocks within and adjacent to a persistent strongly foliated schist / fault zone referred to as the Hammond Reef Schist Zone (HRSZ) which dips 30 degrees - 40 degrees to the south.
The system's fantastic coverage, even through highly foliated areas, is therefore very important, particularly for mobile connectivity to our fairly large public safety fleet of over 100 police, sheriff, and EMS vehicles.
5 to 1 cm diameter occasional blebs of pitchblende hosted in lenses of biotite schist within sheared and intensely foliated granodiorite.
Foliated, prepicado with corporate logo dgac, in color or black and white (according to supply values.
All of the properties are underlain by foliated to gneissic granite intrusions and paragneissic metasediments intruded by late-stage granite and syenite pegmatite dykes.
Lp 160001 to # 180000; foliated (the left side see annex
The quality and reliability of the combined Transcept-LGIC solution has allowed us to design and deploy a highly effective, distributed wireless network in a region where the challenges associated with hilly, highly foliated geography have rendered traditional designs ineffectual," said David G.
intensely foliated granitic to pelitic diatexite of the Tantato Domain.