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bearing numerous leaves

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One of the issues that many gardeners face with golden foliaged plants is that they tend to be very sensitive to sun scorch, leaving the foliage with small brown patches in the centre of the leaves and so, in planning the location for these often spectacular additions to your garden, try to avoid the hottest, direct midday sunshine if possible.
For small growing, fine foliaged plants, the use of a 50-50 mix of buckwheat hulls and cocoa beans makes attractive mulch.
What young couple, leaving the affair, hasn't seen them, the fauns, leaping vast foliaged silences, slashed momentarily by headlights: their yellow, goatlike, sin-slit eyes, their scabrous haunches, the dull gloss of cloven hoof as it disappears in brush?
26 /PRNewswire/ -- Lake County, Ohio's smallest county, features 15,000 acres of foliaged land, preserved for public viewing.
The dark foliaged dahlias we use at Erddig are a perfect example in a single plant.
Why hack through fully foliaged bushes, when a few quick cuts of bare branches in January would have made light work of it?
Pruned annually in late winter, however, and it's transformed into a densely foliaged mound of bright creamy-white in spring, with the variegation remaining bright all summer.
I am not sure that the reason is the same in every case, but it certainly seems to be the paler coloured, faster growing, softer foliaged Saxifrages that are most susceptible.
This is not an easy plant to site in the garden but, with careful choice of a dark foliaged background, the white variegations stand out stunningly in the sunlight.
Its plant brands include Flower Carpet groundcover roses (winner of 25 gold and international awards), the colorfully foliaged Tropicanna cannas (winner of the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit), the mildew-resistant Volcano phlox, the basal-branching Festival Burgundy cordyline and the drought-tolerant Storm series of agapanthus.
CREATE CONTRAST USE herbs, particularly purple and variegated sage, the silver foliaged cotton lavender and sunny golden marjoram, to create a colourful patchwork of plants with aromatic leaves.
lutheri with its large leathery silver funnels, the purple foliaged W.