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a thin layer or stratum of (especially metamorphic) rock

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Sea este el momento para invitarlos a que nos citemos a nosotros mismos (sin llegar a los extremos abusivos de Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica).
El objetivo de este libro es "estudiar el origen y la evolucion del esquema de folia en el Renacimiento, relacionandolo con la tradicion oral de la musica y con los procesos de composicion e improvisacion utilizados en la epoca" (2), mientras que su propuesta metodologica "parte del analisis sistematico del repertorio de origen iberico basado en el esquema de folia o en esquemas parecidos y en la comparacion de estas piezas con las procedentes del repertorio internacional" (2).
The Solistone Folia Glass tile was repeated along the back of the vanity wall and finished with a pair of custom-finished Varaluz vanity light fixtures.
The Folia Collection by Harlequin features wonderful botanical print fabrics and wallpapers that are perfect for creating a refreshing spring look.
Curtains in Sira fabric, sofa in Folia velvet, cushions in Sira fabric, all from Harlequin.
Curtains in Sira fabric, PS38 per metre; sofa in Folia velvet, PS50 per metre; cushions in Sira fabric, PS38 per metre; all from Harlequin.
Herba erecta perennis, usque 60 cm alta, rhizomatosa, rhizoma breve, plagiotropum; radices cylindrici tuberosi distaliter incrassati; folia ovata vel elliptica, tenua, 1.
A small, high calibre instrumental group assembled by the violinist Kenneth Mitchell made its mark throughout, not least in the violin obbiligatos of the Mozart and in a sizzling account of Vivaldi's La Folia, taken at a heck of a lick.
Austrolycopodium alboffii (Rolleri) Holub, Folia Geobot.
A partir de um material etnografico recolhido entre os anos de 2005 e 2008, pretendo descrever e analisar as festas de folia do municipio de Urucuia-MG como formas especificas de peregrinacao (1).
The document was copied by two scribes, divided between the preface and first pages and folia 19-381.
An association between diabetes and OA was first noted in the literature in 1961 in a paper that assessed the occurrence of definite radiologic OA in six anatomical areas of 30 patients with diabetes and 30 matched controls, which showed a statistically significant correlation between diabetes and OA of the feet and knees (Tufts Folia Med.
The study was published in the latest issue of Folia Primatologica.
Water plants in March, a little at first but daily when full of foliage in hot weather and feed with a high potash (tomato) fertilizer from April weekly, also folia feed every two weeks with a seaweed based fertilizer, this will strengthen the leaves and protect against pests and diseases.