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an oversize page that is folded in to a book or magazine

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The foldout map is water resistant and much is explained about the animals and plants in full colour drawings, informative text, and easy to follow maps.
Important bird areas of Egypt are listed and mapped on the birds' foldout and Egypt's natural protectorates on the flora and fauna foldout.
The medical foldout keyboard is lockable and has a white color, 90-keys, integrated touchpad, 100% waterproofing & spillproofing (IP68 & NEMA 4X), a washable, fully submersible design, antimicrobial and LED-backlighting.
After intensive and systematic learning, Han was still unable to use oblique projection or perspective and remained at the foldout stage experienced by sighted children.
Think of it as camping lite: Inside are foldout futons, a table and chairs, and bunk beds (bring sleeping bags and and pillows).
The interdependence of each place is neatly illustrated through the creative merging of each foldout page.
The volume includes a glossary and bibliography, many pages of graphs and tables, and a foldout PCCP failure timeline.
Northumberland Tourism has just launched a Discovering Northumberland Days Out and Attractions guide - a free foldout leaflet and map available at Tourist Information Centres and attractions across the county.
Family appointments include a portable cooler with seat that locks securely into the console, rear cockpit foldout seating, boarding ladder and portable head inside the lighted console.
The foldout helps to identify the most important differences between common moles and melanomas: Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variations, and large Diameter and Evolving.
This company is dedicated to providing reliable, cost-effective equipment for quality oriented rubber manufacturers throughout the world, according to this six-page, four-color, foldout brochure.
Rolling Stone has insisted that the nine-page foldout is an editorial feature that was created independently of the advertising, and R.
The painting was purchased by the Friends of the Ringling Museum in the '60s; it's a full-color foldout in the Chimes catalogue.
A foldout map in the middle of the 49-page hardcover shows the trek taken by Mumble and the adelie penguins he meets, telling that part of the story more completely than the movie does.