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a saw with a toothed blade that folds into a handle (the way a pocketknife folds)

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Barnel Tiger Tooth folding saws, featuring an ergonomic design and nonslip grips, come in a range of blade sizes, from 6 inches ($20 to $25) to 14 inches ($25 to $30).
The compact folding saw also has a molded and to cut through trees with ease, offset teeth.
In particular, the Hunter's Combo Pak contains a pruner and a folding saw, all in a nylon belt sheath, ideal for any hunter -- rifle or bow.
Burton McCall offer a new folding saw, the Felco 60, which has razor sharp teeth and guarantees a clean, precise cut through branches as thick as 31/2in.
This combo has a Folding Saw and Ratcheting Pruning Shears that'll cut through limbs up to.
Limb saw: The best portable saw I have ever used is the folding saw from Browning.
The business end of the folding saw is triple-ground and 4.
I travel light, with a recurve and handful of arrows, daypack carrying water bottle, topo-map equipped GPS for navigation and marking obvious hotspots, folding saw and a couple dozen screw-in steps to ready stand sites, plus several trail cameras to set as sign dictates.
The saw section can be used separately as a folding saw, while the extension section provides increased reach.
Comprised of two parts, the saw section, which can be used as a folding saw and folds down with the touch of a finger, and the extension section that helps the saw reach and cut, the Hooyman 10 is the ideal tool for trimming shooting lanes.
This set contains a Boreal folding pocketknife, folding saw, aluminum flashlight with two AA batteries, compass, playing cards, and five dice and cup.
Use the Tree Saw for trimming branches that would usually be just out of reach or use the folding saw section by itself.
When preparing stand sites and placing stands, you're wise to carry three tools: a folding saw, hand pruner, and pole saw.
I carry heavy-duty pruning shears and a folding saw, and when I find a likely spot, I quickly clear shooting lanes and ground brush to set up a comfortable blind.