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a saw with a toothed blade that folds into a handle (the way a pocketknife folds)

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Chicago, the folding saw was originally patented in 1882, patent no.
Bring a small pruning shear, and a small folding saw along in your backpack.
A folding saw is useful as the blade can be folded away and safely carried in a pocket without risk.
Using a folding saw to cut twigs and branches for continuous fires, and writing "HELP" in the snow as a distress signal, Boyce said the time went by calmly because he knew not to panic.
Folding saw: When putting up a stand before the season, it's nice to carry both a folding saw and a pole saw for reaching high limbs.
A small folding saw or a loose round of rifle ammo in your backpack, for instance.
Upon further inspection, Frank noted it was actually a folding saw, the kind hunters use to cut small limbs that obscure their shooting lanes.
In particular, the Hunter's Combo Pak contains a pruner and a folding saw, all in a nylon belt sheath, ideal for any hunter -- rifle or bow.
Shark Corporation sells pruning shears, trimming shears, and loppers, as well as a folding saw and a pole pruning saw with both upper and lower teeth so you can undercut branches to avoid splitting the bark.
Burton McCall offer a new folding saw, the Felco 60, which has razor sharp teeth and guarantees a clean, precise cut through branches as thick as 31/2in.
Their Flip-N-Saw ($30) is a lightweight, 7" folding saw with a rubberized aluminum handle.
Limb saw: The best portable saw I have ever used is the folding saw from Browning.
This combo has a Folding Saw and Ratcheting Pruning Shears that'll cut through limbs up to.
I travel light, with a recurve and handful of arrows, daypack carrying water bottle, topo-map equipped GPS for navigation and marking obvious hotspots, folding saw and a couple dozen screw-in steps to ready stand sites, plus several trail cameras to set as sign dictates.