folding money

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currency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie

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If four-year-olds understand the importance of folding money they could probably teach the rest of us a thing or two.
Inhospitable police and officials made travelling difficult anyway, although crossing countless palms with bribes of folding money usually did the trick.
In folding money this could amount to between pounds 26 and pounds 37, depending on whether the consumer has a metered or unmeasured water/sewerage service.
YOU will need some folding money to tide you over until you can reach a bank or cash dispenser in your resort, but don't take too much in case it gets lost or stolen.
Even in these days of botox and cosmetic surgery, it's a sad fact that men of a certain age still feel the need to trade their partners in for younger models, who find the sight of their crisp, folding money irresistible.
All the customers and passers-by were great and there was plenty of folding money going into the buckets along with the coppers.
The third round of the 88-peg Drennan Northern League proved to be a record breaker for Richard Bezemer (North Ormesby Institute) who feeder- fished caster, red maggot and worm at distance to take a cracking 44lb 10oz net of bream from the Bowesfield stretch to win the match and a pocket full of folding money.
The simple and irrefutable truth;' he writes, "is that no human being would rather break his back in the cotton field than take in good folding money by making records.