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a chair that can be folded flat for storage

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The organisers of last weekend''s Isle Of Wight festival, for example, banned revellers from bringing in folding chairs.
Our full line of lightweight, durable furniture and transports, complemented by the launch of our new SwiftSet(TM) folding chair, generated a lot of traffic through our tradeshow booth.
amp;uot;We designed the chair in response to customer requests for a comfortable, stylish folding chair to match our durable, lightweight tables,&uot; noted Gregory L.
21, he used his cane, which could open into a folding chair, to sit in the middle of Laurel Canyon Boulevard near Maclay Street.
The entire chair weighs just 21 pounds, the lightest folding chair on the market.
The pattern fits any standard folding chair, chaise lounge, molded plastic chair or bistro chair.
Pascale Leroy moved with a voluptuous flexion of limb, at least when she was supported by secondary means, such as a barre, a folding chair, or a partner.
The stacking chair complements the SwiftSet(R) folding chair line and can be used to expand seating capacity by mixing and/or matching the two chair lines.
In Maher, It's Donald, a solo for herself full of unresolved nervous energy and performed to a tape assembled from messages left on her answering machine, Benham moves spasmodically from folding chair to open space, but neither the concept nor the steps seem original.
In September at the Casual Furniture & Accessories Market in Chicago, CWI introduced two new items, the Tofino Folding Chair and Folding Armchair, which feature the attractive Tofino design.
Consumers should stop using recalled Children's Folding Chair immediately.
Sitting on a folding chair in the media tent after the game, Mike Lambert clutched a bottle of water and then threw it down to the floor in frustration.
Folding chair, pounds 49, Ocean Home Shopping 0870 84 84 840.
Timeless elegance in the curving lines of this teak Ascot folding chair, pounds 79, Country Style (01297 35735)
A visitor, who had relocated from the East Coast and was relaxing in a folding chair, compared this event to powwows she regularly attended in Maryland.