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Synonyms for folding

the process whereby a protein molecule assumes its intricate three-dimensional shape

a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock

the act of folding

capable of being folded up and stored

References in classic literature ?
He knit his brows, and fixed his eyes for an instant on the ground; as he raised them, the folding doors at the bottom of the hall were cast wide, and, preceded by the major-domo with his wand, and four domestics bearing blazing torches, the guests of the evening entered the apartment.
repeated in bed) invariably followed the folding up.
All I can do is to state the facts as they were stated, on that Monday evening, to me; proceeding on the plan which I have been taught from infancy to adopt in folding up my clothes.
He was looking at the book, the position of which caused him to stand with his back turned towards the closed folding doors communicating with the front room, when, without the slightest previous noise to warn him, he felt himself suddenly seized round the neck from behind.
There, Sir,' said Pott, folding up the paper quite exhausted, 'that is the state of the case
Slurk laughed very heartily, and folding up the paper so as to get at a fresh column conveniently, said, that the blockhead really amused him.
Tulliver began to lay back the tablecloths in the chest, folding and stroking them automatically.
with that, he winked as if in preservation of some deep secret, and folding his arms and leaning back in his chair, looked up at the ceiling with profound gravity.
Read every word of your holiday cards with the best folding reading glasses available: innovative, Italian-made specs that fold 7mm flat to eliminate dreaded "pocket-bulge"
Folded Paper German Stars: Creative Paper Crafting Ideas Inspired by Friedrich Frobel presents a crafts guide filled with paper ideas for folding and using German stars, from wreaths and mobiles to ornaments for trees.
Prequalification are invited for Request for Pre-Qualification of Vendors for Bookbinding, Collating and Folding, Term Contract
This type of folding technique is also known as the 'Crown Fold' since the look resembles the shape of a crown.
a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial folding glass doors; greenhouses; garden windows; conservatories; sliding and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; and skylights; introduced a new folding glass wall configuration called the “fold-to-fold” door.
I then start folding to reach that square letting the spectator have choices on whether I fold a column or a row.
The folding of a manifold was, firstly introduced by S.