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capable of being folded up and stored

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New 'scene lighting' gives the vehicles a vital role in lighting up emergencies, and inside it is stocked with multiple lightweight, foldaway stretchers and spinal boards, often needed if there are several injured patients at the scene.
The foldaway Transport Chair is lightweight, ultra compact and has a folding mechanism, which enables the chair to fold into the carry case supplied and into the boot of most cars.
Space is so cramped that a foldaway table had to be specially made.
Ichikoh was the first manufacturer to offer electric power mirrors, power foldaway mirrors and glare-proof LCD mirrors.
Now, where a tourist office once stood, a foldaway table stands forlornly, topped with leaflets.
And just like the Discovery there are two foldaway seats in the luggage compartment to turn the Safari into a seven seater - but they are rendered useless by the absence of seat belts.
Bruno's new OFFSET Foldaway (ASL-450) lift eliminates the process of taking apart a trunk lift.
Six footers would find legroom tight but the car The multi-layer fabric roof takes less than seconds to foldaway electronically while high fidelity Bose sound system and the car's conditioning adjust automatically when to the elements.
Also available in Disney Princess design, the bed comes with two soft foldaway underbed storage boxes, printed head and foot boards and side panels with a tubular steel frame.
The C70 features a foldaway metal roof which transforms the car from hard-top to open car in less than 30 seconds.
It has additional foldaway seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, leather upholstery, heated electric front seats, climate control, rear privacy glass, front fog lamps, DVD satellite navigation and cruise control.
A special sunglasses compartment adds a f th t h f l hil ll it further touch of class while smaller items include a foldaway bottle/cupholder and a bottle opener, already experienced on the Golf, which sits next to the handbrake lever.
Prices start at pounds 50 for this foldaway bag, umbrella and keyring, for example, and go right up to pounds 175 Provided you get the sizing right, clothing is always a winner when it comes to gifts for the girls Foldaway bag bundle pounds 50, Radley, 08450 707080, www.
They range from action cars which shoot powder-packed capsules (Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin's DX Action Cruiser) to a foldaway home fit for porcine royalty (Princess Peppa's Palace).
The latter occasion was a test for the two foldaway rear seats, which, at first glance, only look suitablethe two foldaway rear seats, which, at first glance, only look suitable for children - something I noticed the first time I drove this car when it was launched last year.