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Synonyms for foldable

capable of being folded up and stored

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The device was designed to serve as a foldable and portable ultra-high pixel density audio/video station.
RIBs, developed, manufactured and tested by our team of specialists, are unique by its patented design and manufacturing technology, mostly notable for our line of Foldable Rigid Inflatable Boats including our 15' Foldable Sailboat.
The foldable bag-in-box container concept simplifies handling throughout the logistics process and, as OF1040 is returnable and reusable, substantially reduces the use of packaging materials compared to one trip IBC solutions.
Foldable Silicone Splatter Guard comes in red, black or green at a suggested retail price of $16 for the 10-inch size and $20 for the 12-inch size.
Currently, Airshells offers air travelers with disabilities rental access to its protective baggage for foldable and rigid wheelchairs through United Airlines at airports across the country.
The company is planning to release its first ever foldable tablet which is currently under development.
The new ultra-stretchable OLED material developed at UCLA could lead to foldable and expandable screens for new classes of smartphones and other personal electronic devices; electronics-integrated clothing; wallpaper-like lighting; new minimally invasive medical tools; and many other applications.
MY wooden, foldable garden chairs are showing signs of wear and tear but the table is still fine.
A prospective randomized controlled study was undertaken in 25 patients of occludable angles/closed angles cataract (age [greater than or equal to] 40 years) and 25 patients with open angle cataract to elucidate the anterior segment changes after phacoemulsification and foldable intraocular lens implantation (IOL) using UBM.
A plurality of yarns are interwoven over a region between the first and second fabrics such that the first fabric is foldable relative to the second fabric.
Cayetano, a health buff, also plans to gift foldable bicycles to her staff members at the senate, saying they are triathletes and cyclists who can promote commuting to offices on bicycles.
TOKYO - The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan on Tuesday revealed two accidents that took place last November in which babies' fingers were almost severed by foldable buggies and warned consumers not to fold or unfold buggies close to babies.
The one-pound palm-sized TDP-FF-1AU projector comes with a foldable 23-inch diagonal screen, rechargeable battery, battery charger, credit-card-size remote control and a carrying case.
The Palm Pilots are also out and about during the lecture, with children writing down notes and typing text with foldable infrared keyboards.
In the big city it's all about saving space-that's why Puma has decided to jump into the pedal game with the foldable, ultraportable Biomega bike ($775), which proves you can have shrinky-dink size without rinky-dink style.