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Among women whose total folate levels were among the top 25% of all subjects, there was a 59% lower risk of mortality over follow-up in comparison with those whose levels were among the lowest 25%.
Currently there is conflicting evidence regarding the role of folate on the risk of developing prostate cancer.
Metafolin (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, calcium salt) is the pure, stable crystalline form of the naturally occurring predominant form of folate manufactured by Merck and brought to market by DSM.
They conducted a retrospective analysis of the findings of all 84,187 outpatient serum folate tests performed at their center from 2003 through 2013.
She said: "Our results suggest folate and other methyl donors may, in fact, decrease risk of offspring developing asthma.
The study population for this analysis included women of childbearing age (15-49 years, n=1,369) with a valid red blood cell (RBC) folate value (n=1,320) who were not consuming a folic-acid-containing supplement (n=1,008) (Figure 1).
She said that people, who live in the Canadian North or in other parts of the world where there is food insecurity, may also be particularly at risk for folate deficiency.
The hallmark of folate deficiency is macrocytic anaemia with megaloblastic change in the bone marrow.
However, it is clear that exposures did not cease in the randomized trial of folate they conducted, but that exposures remained markedly elevated based on urine arsenic concentrations (Gamble et al.
Professor Klaus Pietrzik, an expert in folate metabolism from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn, Germany explained that a 600mcg consumption of folate through diet alone during pregnancy is challenging.
HONOLULU - Low-normal serum folate, at a level between 2 and 7 ng/mL, is associated with an increased risk of depression in diabetes patients, a finding that suggests that, as with other depressed patients, folate supplementation might boost responses to antidepressants.
Minnillo is working with March of Dimes and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals to help educate all women of reproductive age about the importance of folate and folic acid through a national educational campaign called Girlfriends for Folate (www.
The AIA-Pack RBC Folate assay is designed for the quantitative measurement of red blood cell folate (RBC folate) in whole-blood (heparin or EDTA) samples on Tosoh AIA system analyzers.
Folate, a B vitamin found in foods like leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits, may protect against cognitive decline in older adults.