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Synonyms for foist

foist something on or upon someone


foist something or someone off on someone

Synonyms for foist

to offer or put into circulation (an inferior or spurious item)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to introduce gradually and slyly

Words related to foist

to force onto another

insert surreptitiously or without warrant

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It's not that they can't work--I found that out when I switched to a Mac--it's just that Microsoft has gotten away with foisting a miserable operating system on most of the world, and it doesn't care.
The postwar honeymoon boom may not have been a conspiracy, but it is difficult not to detect a certain amount of foisting going on here.
In doing so, it becomes clear how uncommitted some Christians are to their religion and how devoted they are to foisting on the nation a theocracy of their own making.
Republicans swept into office by painting Democrats as people who want the government to boss you around and destroy the things you love: Clinton and the old Congress, they could say, want to control your personal life by nationalizing health care and foisting weird ideas on your kids; they want to run your business, take away your land and your guns, and force your church to hire gay atheists as choir directors; if you protest too much or seem too odd, they'll send the FBI to shoot you down.
This is an important truth and, on behalf of our clients, we will not allow the City of Santa Monica to avoid its responsibility to them by foisting all of the blame on Mr.
Foisting emblems of my religion on public property, which belongs to all other citizens, including those who do not believe in my or anyone else's God, is wrong.
Bush has now grabbed the Presidency, I've been getting an earful from friends and subscribers who blame me for foisting Bush, and all the evils attendant to him, upon the nation.
The truth is that the two of them are just some of the dead weights that RTE insists on foisting upon us day after day when young untapped talent doesn't even get a look-in.