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Synonyms for foist

foist something on or upon someone


foist something or someone off on someone

Synonyms for foist

to offer or put into circulation (an inferior or spurious item)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to introduce gradually and slyly

Words related to foist

to force onto another

insert surreptitiously or without warrant

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We are asked to be patient, but I'd like to know why the changes are being made, rather than them just being foisted upon us.
A lot of people these days have not taken Latin or Greek in high school or college, so such words foisted upon us are meaningless--whether in writing or in song.
The pictures we hold of politicians are rarely just manufactured and foisted upon us.
Just last year at a Christian Coalition conference in Washington, Robertson called separation a "distortion" and a "lie foisted on us.
However, some of his defenders claim that the UNFPA program was foisted on him by U.
WITH the recent unveiling of the Government's hunt ban plans it would appear that the greatest political fudge of all time is about to be foisted on the electorate and members of the House of Commons.
They also suffer the indignity of having their wards put out of action because medical cases are foisted upon them.
He certainly was foisted on the St Helens Labour Party and had never been to the constituency until he was adopted.
Some readers may also question her conclusion that tourism at Niagara Falls was not a "plot foisted upon a pliant or unwilling public," but rather derived its appeal from the "apparent democracy and openness of the tourist industry," (8--9, 180).
Add to that the fact that neither had ever worked as an actor before, and you have to assume some madly inspired casting director foisted them upon director Arteta to play Day simpleton Buck's heterosexual foils.
My complaint (apart from there being too much glass) is that the politicians foisted an over-designed and under-filled Mackintosh Interpretation Centre on the institution, on the tired old assumption that Toshie equals tourism equals money.
This past October, I was one of the speakers at the conference of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Alliance of Black School Educators and could see that African American educators on the scene were well aware of the deleterious effects of the voucher plan foisted on the city by politicians in Madison.
Over the course of two centuries even Shakespeare's personality, about which "very little in fact is known" (121), was manufactured in positive terms through negative anecdotes and attributes foisted upon Jonson.
Further, that subsidy is foisted upon owners as a class instead of society as a whole through taxation.
Carducci's beef is that rock critics have foisted their postcounterculture, left/liberal agenda onto their subject matter.