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Synonyms for foist

foist something on or upon someone


foist something or someone off on someone

Synonyms for foist

to offer or put into circulation (an inferior or spurious item)

to force (another) to accept a burden

to introduce gradually and slyly

Words related to foist

to force onto another

insert surreptitiously or without warrant

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Turkey has never seen such a thing and the only reason of this is that they stole, they were captured and now they foist world upon us.
This is a prime example of the Operation Foist technique used by the police to shove responsibility for crimefighting on to somebody else.
What about the boatload of South Americans you tried to foist on Alex Smith when YOU were Arabs chairman?
Just when you thought the broadcast networks would be too skittish to foist queer characters and themes on the red states, along come Inconceivable and Crumbs, two new shows from gay writer-producers about gay men and their families.
Why, then, is it so difficult for them to see the problems that we atheists have when they try to use the very same coercive governmental mechanisms to foist their beliefs on us?
6) The galley-foist was a different vessel altogether: an elaborately decorated ship-rigged foist, galley, pinnace, or brigantine (ie, a sailing vessel, though small enough that it could be propelled by oars also) that escorted the lord mayor's barge with drums, trumpets, and an incessant firing of guns.
My MP has played a key part in this decision to foist GM crops on the UK, despite clear responses to Government consultations that they are not wanted.
To date, Evers and his team have resisted the urgings of their colleagues back in Washington to foist on Iraq vouchers and other schemes conservatives have thus far failed to get enacted in the United States.
At first she spurns his offer as testily as the marriage proposals her parents foist upon her, but then she is tempted by the chance for an exciting adventure at last.
They may be concerned that the presence of religious perspectives in the debate would amount to an attempt by believers to foist their opinions on the wider community.
But it's hard to sympathise with a sanctimonious breed who foist the likes of Stan Collymore and Benito Carbone on a hapless manager and then expect him to work miracles or pay the price of failure with his livelihood?
An innovative speaker says storage is no problem because he tends "to foist them off on unsuspecting subordinates, nephews, thrift stores, or half-price book stores.
The final insult, it seems to me, is that these two can dictate what they consider to be art, and foist it on us whether or not we are disgusted by it.
This leads one to believe that the exercise is nothing more than an attempt to foist a nationalist aspiration on the population of Wales.
WHAT makes public figures like the Duchess of York, above, believe they should foist themselves on the rest of us?