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PETA has protested against this practice for years, showing videos of geese being force-fed that no one but the most callous chefs could stomach and revealing that foie gras is torture on toast and unimaginably cruel," Newkirk said.
Birds on foie gras farms are brutally fattened up using a feeding tube that is violently forced down their throats several times a day.
As a chef, I would probably have the foie gras a little softer, but I tried to approximate the texture of brain, which is kind of gummy.
France's foie gras region has been hit hard by bird flu in recent months, with a 25 percent decrease in duck and geese output because of the trade restrictions.
Marie-Pierre Pe from foie gras makers group CIFOG, said on Monday that prices could be 10 per cent higher this Christmas after the French government's decision last year to cull all ducks and geese, and halt output for four months, in a bid to contain the virus.
In 1985, Ariane Daguin, founder of foie gras supplier D'Artagnan, introduced fresh, domestically-raised foie gras to America, which until that time had only been available canned.
Aides at Clarence House said in 2008: "The Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras.
Foie gras - fatty liver of goose or duck - is produced by force-feeding birds.
The law was actually passed way back in 2004, after being pushed by animal rights activists unhappy with the manner by which foie gras is produced.
James Bond star Sir Roger Moore made a plea to Emiratis to boycott the new Fortnum & Mason store in Dubai over its sale of foie gras.
Moore was photographed in the UK holding up an Arabic-language sign calling for an end to the sale of foie gras at Fortnum & Mason, a high-end British department store that will open a new branch this week in Downtown Dubai.
Jews, who, as Lavine points out, are prohibited from inflicting suffering on an animal, should know that there is nothing positive about foie gras.
For soup, diners can savour potato foie gras espuma with juicy grilled prawns and sauteed zucchini.
BLACK Sabbath's Geezer Butler has urged his fans to boycott a posh department store in a row over foie gras.