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Synonyms for fogy

an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate

Synonyms for fogy

someone whose style is out of fashion

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When I was of the age to start drinking pubs were for old fogies, we misspent our youth in coffee bars, eking out a frothy coffee and happy in each other's company.
Before anyone retorts that Tunbridge Wells is full of old fogies, may I add that there is vibrant nightlife and a party atmosphere, but there is not the drunken yobbishness seen elsewhere.
All you'll get from such nannying is conformist fogies.
Racing has always been infamous for being run by old fogies.
1 Fogies on Drugs: "A study came out that said that drug use amongst senior citizens recently skyrocketed.
Old fogies with little understanding of such matters may well tut-tut at the idea of youngsters and their teachers using this equipment.
The five old fogies with skelfs in their butts that day were Steven Ferguson, Paul Ritchie, Craig Winters, Alex Burns and yours truly.
On this occasion Evans remains true to form, referring to some of his critics as young fogies (pp.
The exhibition was an instant hit, and for weeks Exit Art was filled with punks, socialites, homies, lawyers, jazzbos, fogies, and Parsons grads, all seemingly spellbound before walls of twelve-inch mandalas.
This is mostly the country-tinged rock that the Byrds favored at this time, with a little medley thrown in to appease those old fogies in the audience who still wanted to hear the folk-rock hits that first brought fame to the band way back in the mid-'60s.
By this, they mean that the faithful advocates of "the welfare state" are ideological fogies.
While interviewing another guest, Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone, Donaldson asserted that Bonfire of the Vanities captured the baby boomer perfectly, "the type that says, |I'm gonna get mine, I know how to do it, and I can beat these old fogies.
Whether it's jeans or jackets or a bold t-shirt, these materials offer a classic look that transports even the oldest of fogies back to the glory days.
If I had a shilling for every time these old fogies discovered that the art of government is not infallibly practised by politicians, I would be a rich man.
He should really turn his bile on the incompetents that placed these senile old fogies in charge of him so that they could stifle his obvious talents and turn him into the twisted ageist we see today.