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Synonyms for foghorn

a loud low warning signal that can be heard by fogbound ships

a warning device consisting of a horn that generates a loud low tone

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Souter Lighthouse in South Shields will be the focal point for the activity where ground-breaking technology will allow the ships' foghorns to be 'conducted' from shore.
The foghorn - which can be heard at a distance of 30 miles - blasts out three times a minute every hour of the day.
The Foghorn Requiem is unique as it is not only the first musical score created for foghorns, but it will also use pioneering technology to conduct and control ships' horns from afar.
Advances in technology - notably GPS (Global Positioning System) - look like consigning lighthouses' flashing beams and foghorns to memory.
THE sound of ferry foghorns on the River Mersey has made it into the top ten of the nation's favourite seaside sounds.
I have heard foghorns up in the North East of England, on the coast of County Durham, in the distant past, when thick sea fogs seemed to be more common.
The Foghorn Requiem, staged at Souter Lighthouse, South Shields, earlier this year, marked the decline of foghorns on the UK coastline with a speciallycomposed performance featuring three brass bands and an armada of boats positioned off-shore.
THE eyes of the world were on the North East at the weekend as the region played host to Royalty, Olympic champions, pop superstars and the first - and probably last - ever musical piece to be played on foghorns.
Indeed I plead guilty to trying to form a '60s folk group - Flatholm Lighthouse and the Foghorns.
The stiff upper lips of the everreserved All England Club members watching from the centre-court balcony would not have seen, or more accurately heard (actually I don't think lips can see or hear now I come to think about it), anything quite as spectacular if these two female foghorns had gone hammer and tongs with each other yesterday.
FOGHORNS around Ireland's coastline are to be switched off for good tomorrow.
I remember the "city of change and challenge, or decline - crumbling Albert Dock, department stores closing, ever fewer foghorns from the docks on New Year''s Eve.
THE combination of Jimmy Shand's accordion and ships' foghorns on the Clyde were music to the ears of Mark Knopfler.
Queen Mary 2 exchanged whistle salutes with the foghorns on the revered Golden Gate Bridge before berthing at Pier 27 for a rare overnight visit.
When it comes time to nod off for the night, incline an ear to the harbor lullaby of foghorns and crying gulls.