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Synonyms for foghorn

a loud low warning signal that can be heard by fogbound ships

a warning device consisting of a horn that generates a loud low tone

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The Foghorn Stringband Dates: 6 May Where: Whelans, Dublin Time: 8pm Price: [euro]15 Tickets: foghornstring banc.
Foghorn Stringband includes founding members Stephen "Sammy" Lind and Caleb Klauder, along with powerhouse vocalists Reeb Willms and Nadine Landry.
They have a leader, Peter Foghorn, better known as "Robot"; it is he who establishes some pattern in the lives of these men and women living on the rough edges of society.
The York County Coast Star reports that mariners needing foghorn assistance must now request it electronically by radio when coming in to port.
Foghorn Improv's Improv Smackdown starts at the Old Joint Stock Theatre On Thursday at 8pm.
Look out for frump-headed foghorn Susan Boyle belting out the Asda jingle at a shareholder shindig near you.
Imagine a foghorn blasting, a chain saw buzzing, a diesel truck downshifting on a slanted grade or a garbage disposal gurgling.
95), a Foghorn guide for outdoors campers who want the most in-depth descriptions of campground amenities, resources available in both federal and state parks, and reservations and fees, and Gene Kilgore's Ranch Vacations (1566917719, $22.
Black, a no-nonsense teacher whose voice combines ah impenetrable Rhode Island accent with the volume of a New England foghorn, possessed an eagle eye for correcting placement and pushing dancers to move organically--and she got extraordinary results from dancers of all stripes.
So it's funny that the advertisement omitted to mention 'Moaning Minnie', the foghorn on the cliff just below the cottages' garden walls.
No one heard her cries and she swam all night until she heard the distant noise of an oil platform's foghorn.
He worked for Warner Bros and voiced the lines of Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn and Tweety Pie.
The book's second half details the influence of Vreeland, who stepped into Talley's life with her Kabuki makeup, foghorn voice, and nonstop exuberance.
Breach seems, oddly, the work of a younger man, despite the gruff foghorn of Jakob's voice, which is eerily reminiscent of his father's.
An underwater transmitter emitted periodic signals about as loud as a foghorn, and 17 receiving stations around the globe listened for the weak sound (SN: 1/26/91, p.