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Synonyms for fogginess

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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When to worry: If short-sightedness has been ruled out, and if your fogginess has appeared suddenly, your issue could be circulatory.
WHEN TO WORRY If short-sightedness has been ruled out and fogginess has appeared suddenly, your issue could be circulatory.
Xanax and clonazepam dampened her anxiety, but caused "mental fogginess.
Though rules for this aren't yet firmly established, it's possible that some political advertisers, some candidates, could take advantage of the fogginess, getting their message out in a way that may or may not be ethical, depending on your definition of ethics.
Another young woman has been complaining of sinus pressure, headaches and fogginess for the past six months.
DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 24 (KUNA) -- The theme of the 46th World Economic Forum might have been the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but the fogginess of the political and economic landscapes overshadowed its functions right until its last session on Saturday.
Continued symptoms often occur in people who have a prior history of concussions or those who have headaches, fogginess, fatigue or early symptoms of amnesia following this trauma to the brain.
He was taken out of the game, but since he showed no signs of headache, nausea, memory loss, fogginess or fatigue, his coaches put him back in to finish the game.
18) The "patentrechtliche Schwierigkeiten" that Benjamin mentions allude to this larger, dispersed origin of the technology and the resulting fogginess that blankets the story of its genesis.
In addition to the symptoms of celiac disease, people with NCGS may experience headaches, mental fogginess, irritability, joint pain, and numbness in the legs, arms, or fingers.
Clumsily he raised himself up on one elbow, shaking the fogginess out of his brain.
There are focal or diffuse interstitial fogginess on chest x-ray with foamy macrophages in the alveolar spaces.
The fogginess of the sentence probably reflects Kerry's befuddled thought processes about what is happening.
But as vivid as those memories are for me, at the same time there is a fogginess that makes this feel like an old, old story.
John "Cabi" Cabigas' voice instantly jolted my mind from sleepy fogginess to razor edge clarity and I asked, "What do you mean he's overdue?