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Synonyms for fogginess

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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The following side effects were experienced "often": sleepiness (48%), fogginess or lack of clear headedness (35%), and weight gain (24%).
This overall reaction can cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and noise, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep changes, behavioral changes, blurred vision, concentration or memory problems, fogginess and slowed reaction time.
The fogginess of the sentence probably reflects Kerry's befuddled thought processes about what is happening.
But as vivid as those memories are for me, at the same time there is a fogginess that makes this feel like an old, old story.
POTS patients can suffer from fatigue, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, brain fogginess, tremors, fainting, cold or painful extremities, chest pain, or shortness of breath.
John "Cabi" Cabigas' voice instantly jolted my mind from sleepy fogginess to razor edge clarity and I asked, "What do you mean he's overdue?
To meet a word limit when there is no chance of filing a longer brief, the author must drop secondary issues, improve organization, toss extraneous detail, refrain from over-analysis of cases, and lift fogginess.
Brouillard employs harmony and timbre to generate its effect--one can easily hear the blend of tonalities and the uncertainty and fogginess this creates.
9 CARSON MCCULLERS, THE HEART ISA LONELY HUNTER (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, 1940) McCullers's novel features several protagonists, but I am particularly drawn to the character of Biff Brannon--a quiet yet conflicted man defined as much by his incessant observation of the regulars and drifters who come into his cafe as by his general fogginess.
23 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that the breast cancer drug tamoxifen is toxic to cells of the brain and central nervous system, and produces mental fogginess similar to "chemo brain.
Someday drugs might also treat other memory impairments, including the fogginess that plagues many people as they age, and developmental deficits such as autism.
32) Faced with harder cases, and with the fogginess of the Heller
Even if the current circumstances of the Syrian revolution are quite complicated, and even if they do not allow for discussing issues that will increase the difficulties and the fogginess, those who are bracing for the upcoming phase must face the reality of the Israeli occupation and must look for the adequate tools to modify this reality.
290) The Court has also incorporated, to some degree, the notion of community standards in addition to evidence of harm, but there has been considerable fogginess in differing decisions regarding the extent to which community standards should play a role in the judicial decisions in this area.