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enveloped in fog

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We meet the keeper of a New England cemetery forced to identify errant corpses after Hurricane Irene ("For some people, all we'll find is bones and pieces"), see Charles and his new princess, Diana, attempting to visit a fogbound Newfoundland.
Though few people saw the15-rated, fogbound thriller with Hellraiser-style special effects, it's a teenage option for further study about an alien world of mud, water, bombs and bullets.
But for being fogbound with his jockey Noel Fehily at Bristol airport he would have been here to celebrate it, and they could hardly have wished for a better substitute than Paul Carberry.
Finally, a trial court might increase the likelihood of an affirmance when dealing in a fogbound area of law by allowing evidence and argument into the record on alternative bases, and by making alternate findings and holdings.
The eight-year-old, who was last seen on Newbury's fogbound card in December, still held the lead when unseating his rider at the final fence, and looks capable of gaining compensation.
We had plenty of fuel but were unable to land anywhere - both Liverpool and Manchester airports were fogbound.
The first week's winning photo was a picture of a girl in a swimsuit jumping in the air with happiness on a fogbound beach.
Hinckley's hopes of regaining lost ground in the National Three Midlands table were dashed by a 20-10 reverse at fogbound Peterborough.
But the party got fogbound in Cork and only one managed to make it to the Scottish village.
Such intensely chromatic works are countered by murky sequencings of fogbound abstract rectangles--an echo of Rothko--as seen, for example, in the quadriptych Returned, Canada Series, 1975.
The greatest concentration of such land in the London Green belt is in South Essex, a low-lying fogbound belt extending to Tilbury and beyond.
Brogen was among thousands of Scots caught up in the chaos of cancelled flights at fogbound Heathrow.
How many timid souls had braved this fogbound strait?
NOBODY saw much of it, not least his 19 rivals, but Chauvinist was a clearcut winner of the pounds 100,000 Ladbroke Hurdle at a fogbound Ascot yesterday.