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From the Persian-carpeted and Mandarin-haunted Whitehall corridors, to the cramped little workshops of industrial estates, Bongo Bongo Land is an accepted euphemism for mainly African nations whose thieving leaders rig elections, spend overseas aid on adult toys and ignore their people who queue for hours for water in foetid slums, starve, and clamour in vain for their children to be educated.
In the morning Billy laid down his life for his friends: Falling bombs in the foetid trench had just four seconds Before exploding.
It sustained him, this sense of dirt and unworthiness, the foetid stink of his body under the bedclothes.
The hot foetid air reveals what looks like a scaffolding pole supporting the side of the tank and in the gloom one can just see the sinister seepage of leaks oozing slowly across the concrete.
He was cooped up for months on end in a ship with stinking bilge water overflowing the foetid lower decks.