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motion of a fetus within the uterus (usually detected by the 16th week of pregnancy)

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Foetal movement counting--often called 'kick counting'--represents a maneuver whereby a mother can help monitor the movements of her unborn baby by counting the number of kicks in a given time period.
A sudden increase in foetal movement is a sign of foetal distress, such as in case of cord complications or abruption of the placenta, whereas decreased foetal movements are seen in cases of chronic foetal distress such as pre-eclampsia or hypertension in pregnancy.
The ACOG advice states decreased foetal movements occur in about 5% to 10% of pregnancies but data from 5,000 stillbirths found half the women perceived gradual decreased foetal movement several days prior to foetal death.
Another thing to be aware of is foetal movements - there are a lot of myths about this particularly that babies don't move so much at the end of pregnancy because there's less room to move around.
During this inquiry, we will be paying particular attention to poor foetal growth and reduced foetal movements as well as what potential improvements can be made.
On July 22, 2003, she noticed she was having reduced foetal movements.
On 25 July, Ms Nixon attended Kidderminster General Hospital where she again complained of reduced foetal movements.
They asked the women about their stress levels and recorded foetal movements.
Mums-to-be with non-acute high blood pressure, diabetes or reduced foetal movements are among those to benefit.
Foetal movements can now be detected only weeks after conception.
Another area where small policy changes could make a big difference is in the area of foetal movements.
Back in Cardiff Bay, I was delighted that as a part of its programme of one-day inquiries, the health and social care committee has decided to devote a day to look at reduced foetal movements, poor growth and stillbirth in Wales.
A 27-year-old presented to our labour ward at 8pm, 32 weeks into her first pregnancy, with reduced foetal movements," they said.
The experts went on: "The current guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence on detection of foetal wellbeing do not support the routine counting of foetal movements, but most obstetric units would encourage patients to attend for a cardiotocograph and possibly further ultrasound assessment of growth and foetal activity if episodes of reduced movements recur.
In contrast, reduced foetal movements can represent a warning sign that the baby is small for gestation or unwell.