foetal distress

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an abnormal condition of a fetus

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The pen is designed to cut down on the time taken to collect a sample to measure a baby's blood-gas levels to ensure there is enough oxygen during childbirth and avoid foetal distress.
Pauline, who works as a book-keeper, said: 'We have been trying to get answers from the hospital as to why something was not done at the time of foetal distress.
At 28 weeks gestation she was delivered by emergency caesarian due to foetal distress.
Of the premature births, five involved foetal distress and four were delivered via emergency caesarean delivery.
During a compensation hearing, Lewis' lawyers claimed medics failed to spot clear signs of foetal distress in the hours before delivery, at Northampton General Hospital, including a sudden drop in his heart beat, resulting in a "negligently delayed" birth.
And after the full gestational period of 40 weeks, the placenta may transmit oxygen to the foetus less efficiently, which means that in labour, there may be an increased need to deliver via caesarean to prevent foetal distress.
Before delivery the child showed signs of foetal distress and doctors ordered a blood sample.
Emergency caesareans are nearly always for foetal distress.
Dr Langdana said he noted foetal distress when the baby's mum, Bernadette McMahon, was in labour in a maternity ward in St Finbarr's Hospital.
Last week the UKCC ruled that three midwives who cared for Michelle during labour - Daphne Moore, Nicole Collins and Helen Kiddell - continued to administer Syntocinon, a labour-inducing drug, despite indications of foetal distress and failed to take appropriate action after a heart monitor showed something was wrong.
Sometimes foetal distress can call for an immediate caesarean section.
May Yan has cerebral palsy, because she was starved of oxygen due to a failure to pick up on foetal distress during her delivery at Sunderland Maternity Hospital.
The most common reasons for a Caesarean are foetal distress, followed by long labour, previous Caesareans and breech births, where the baby is the wrong way round.