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of or relating to a fetus


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As a graphic record is far more easily interpreted than a list of figures, the foetal heart rate should be recorded on a modified temperature chart (Green, 1966, p.
Auscultation of foetal heart rate: An assessment of its error and significance, BMJ.
Kergaradec, friend of Laennac and pioneer of foetal auscultation.
A sudden increase in foetal movement is a sign of foetal distress, such as in case of cord complications or abruption of the placenta, whereas decreased foetal movements are seen in cases of chronic foetal distress such as pre-eclampsia or hypertension in pregnancy.
In spite of being a very useful method, foetal movement is probably an under-utilised maneuver of clinical foetal monitoring, especially in high risk pregnancy (Nolte, 1998:100).
In this report it is documented that the inappropriate response to poor foetal movement (8.
What knowledge do mothers have on the foetal movement monitoring during pregnancy in relation to perinatal outcome?
The purpose of this study was to determine the knowledge pregnant mothers have on the foetal movement monitoring in relation to perinatal outcome at certain clinics of Polokwane municipality.
To determine the knowledge of mothers of foetal movement monitoring during pregnancy in relation to perinatal outcome.
In the context of this study knowledge shall refer to the ability to feel, interpret and report the decrease, absence or sudden increase of foetal movements.
Foetal Movement Monitoring: This refers to the counting and recording of foetal movements.
In this study perinatal outcome shall refer to the importance of foetal movement monitoring in relation to fetal well-being.