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Synonyms for fodder

Synonyms for fodder

soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop

give fodder (to domesticated animals)

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Population dynamics of Armyworm on different varieties demonstrate that population of armyworm rose steadily from 1st week of March to Mid April, 2011, however, 2nd peak was not sharp which may be due to high reduction of pest population at the time of cutting of fodder crop.
Cost of cultivation for raising teosinte fodder crop under different Fe treatments along with cost of different variable inputs during crop growing season is given in Table 4.
Weight for each fodder crop is the proportion of area under crop, to the total area under fodder crops.
Fodder beet proved to have a potential success as a winter fodder crop in the Sudan and it is a good forage especially during the critical period of forage shortage such as late winter and early summer season in the Sudan [14] and other countries.
However, it is not rational to allocate more area to fodder crop as suggested by LP because farmers know that supply-demand mechanism will lead to decline the fodder prices drastically.
Originally cultivated by the Greeks and Romans, alfalfa is currently produced primarily as a fodder crop in North America.
Table 3, Column 2 shows what would happen if a change occurs in fodder crop technology as an increase in expected fodder yields per acre.
Millet is a tropical, heat and drought resistant fodder crop may be harvested as hay, green chop, or silage.
The biomass production and cultural practices have been discussed in other parts of the world as a fodder crop but a little emphasis was given on this topic in Pakistan.
belong to the poaceae family which is quick growing palatable, succulent and nutritious cereal fodder crop grown in winter season throughout Pakistan, both in irrigated and rain fed conditions.
Our standing crop of barley and fodder crop were damaged severely.
In Pakistan, sorghum is the major fodder crop during Kharif season and is grown over a wide range of soil types, providing food grain for humans and forage for livestock.
All six teams are competing against each other to produce the most profitable pen of lambs grazed on a fodder crop.
Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor): Sorghum is a very common fodder crop in the Indus Basin of Pakistan and animals love to eat it as green fodder.
Farmer Mike Done allowed Colin, the public and local dignitaries to tour his organic calves and fodder crop fields.