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Synonyms for fodder

Synonyms for fodder

soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop

give fodder (to domesticated animals)

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Weight for each fodder crop is the proportion of area under crop, to the total area under fodder crops.
Rhodes grass has traditionally been the Abu Dhabi farmers' fodder crop of choice and although further studies may reveal an even better alternative, buffel grass has so far proven to be the most productive, water-efficient and cost effective.
Vulgaris), a member of the Chenopodiaceae, is popular in many countries such as USA, Denamark, Syria and Egypt; it offers a higher yield potential than any other arable fodder crop [2] and it is tolerant to salinity [18].
Originally cultivated by the Greeks and Romans, alfalfa is currently produced primarily as a fodder crop in North America.
Table 3, Column 2 shows what would happen if a change occurs in fodder crop technology as an increase in expected fodder yields per acre.
Corn plays a vital role in China's food security system, it is an important fodder crop and also is a major raw material of the food, chemicals, fuel and medicine industries.
To save fruit plants from impact of heat, farmers should instal fence of fodder crop called Jantar on South-western side.
Alfalfa is the world s oldest, most important, and most intensively studied fodder crop.
All six teams are competing against each other to produce the most profitable pen of lambs grazed on a fodder crop.
Our standing crop of barley and fodder crop were damaged severely.
Each team will be tasked with producing the most profitable pen of lambs grazed on a fodder crop.
Farmer Mike Done allowed Colin, the public and local dignitaries to tour his organic calves and fodder crop fields.
Wood Farm was the venue for an open day staged by Keenan Rumans and their consultant nutritionist David Jacklin and NK Seeds' Nigel Padbury who urged north of England livestock producers to consider growing maize as a cost-effective fodder crop.
An agriculture spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday that Kharif fodder crop covers almost 2.