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Synonyms for fodder

Synonyms for fodder

soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop

give fodder (to domesticated animals)

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Although growing both kale and fodder beet for out-wintering cattle is commonplace in some parts of the UK, it remains unusual in North Wales due to the region's high rainfall and heavy soils.
Salman said that the two sides reached concrete results in exporting Egyptian grapes to the Chinese market, and a protocol is expected to be signed in the coming period for exporting grapes to China and Egyptian fodder beet to Beijing specifically.
Analysis of three-year pooled data indicated that all the amendments significantly improved soil physical-chemical properties and fodder beet yield.
These increases may be due to the positive effect of nitrogen on number and size of leaves which gave more leaf area in relation to ground occupied by these leaves and the accumulation of leave area in the weeks after planting is a key to success growing fodder beet [29].
Swedes and fodder beet are up to 18% DM and all brassica crops have a digestibility of over 80%, said Mr Morgan.
They include 27 oilseed and 17 sugar and fodder beet sites, with maize to follow in the summer.
Plowing the material under in autumn, before planting fodder beet the following spring, makes it possible to grow a useful crop without irrigation.
Cotton: Bt-531, BXN, RR-1445, Maize: Bt-11 (EC-69, 80, 163), Bt-176, Bt-1507 (EC, 74, 75), GA21 (EC 78,85), MON809, 810, MON 810 x GA21, NK 603, T14, T25, T25 x MON810, Sweet Maize: Bt-11, Oilseed rape: Falcon, Liberator, LL, MS1/RF1 (EC-89, 161), MS1/RF2, MS8/RF3, RR (EC-70, 79), Topas, Soybeans: High-oleic, LL (EC71d,81), MON, Tobacco: BXN, Other products: RR fodder beet, RR sugar beet, Transgenic green-hearted chicory, Transgenic potato, Transgenic red-hearted chicory, Transgenic tomato
35 DMI (dry matter intake), with grass or fodder beet making up the remainder of the diet.
From crosses of leaf beets with table beets came the fodder beet or mangel, an abbreviation of the German word mangelwurzel.
Suckler cows were replaced by a dairy heifer rearing enterprise: 320 yearling heifers are now outwintered on kale and fodder beet for four months, before returning to grass for the rest of the year.
Sugar beet is the most important of several crops, including spinach beet, Swiss chard, garden beet (beetroot) and fodder beet, within Beta vulgaris species (Gill and Vear, 1980).
Sow fodder beet or fodder turnip where the crops are failing, and beyond help.
This necessitates the production of irrigated forage crops of high yield and quality [13] such as fodder beet.
Mr Wareing advocated the use of more home-grown feeds such as sugar beet, fodder beet and wholecrop maize which could work out cheaper per tonne of dry matter than wheat at current prices.