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having or localized centrally at a focus

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Ultrastructural study has demonstrated oval cytoplasmic microvesicles (1-4,7,9-11) which were focally seen on primary tumours in both cases.
Immunohistochemically, the tumour cells were strongly positive for vimentin (Figure 1E) and focally positive for desmin (Figure 1F).
Encephalitis: severe, in good body focally extensive, condition; TL suppurative, and 210 cm; necrotizing, with postmortem multifocal vasculitis and interval thrombus formation, with [approximately intralesional fungal equal to] 72 h hyphaet 2.
Both leiomyomas and leiomyosarcomas are immunopositive for muscle markers, including desmin, smooth muscle actin, and muscle-specific actin, and they can be focally positive for S-100 and cytokeratin.
Immunostain results showed that the tumor cells were focally positive for p16 (< 10%, Figure 6, C) and p53 (< 10%; Figure 6, D) and were negative for ER (Figure 6, E), PR (data not shown), and vimentin (Figure 6, F).
The histopathological analysis revealed both cysts to be lined focally by ciliated and non-ciliated epithelium forming plicae.
It works by focally destroying a specific area of scar tissue, allowing the normal skin around the laser-treated area to heal," said Hivnor, who is the program director of the dermatology residency at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center on Joint Base San Antonio--Lackland, Texas.
Increased dense activity involvement especially on the left side of the neck, pathologically focally increased activity involvement in the right iliac wing and focally relatively increased activity involvement in the area compatible with the second lumbar spine were detected on Technetium-99m methoxyisobutyl isonitrile (99mTc- MIBI) scintigraphy (Figure 4).
In the first monograph (Production of Inequality, 1985) she was concerned with the Kewa men's exploitation of women's labour and the image of the Kewa life-world was focally construed through the iconography of the Marxian political economy with a shade of Bourdieu-ian colouring.
Based on these results, investigators concluded that the optimal approach is to focally resect visible lesions followed by radiofrequency ablation for complete eradication of the remaining Barrett's tissue.
In all, 24 patients had inadequate margin resection (defined as less than 2 mm); of these, 8 had grossly positive margins and 4 had focally positive margins.
An ongoing randomised controlled trial is examining whether or not the increased local recurrence risk of focally positive or close margins can be counterbalanced by increasing the boost dose, since further re-excision surgery is often technically difficult and it is seldom that any residual tumour is found in the re-excision specimen.
It will cover research in the field of neuro-modulation, including invasive and non-invasive techniques and technologies that alter brain function through the use of electrical, magnetic, radio wave, or focally targeted pharmacologic stimulation.
CPN: With newer forms of brain stimulation on or approaching the horizon--such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, vagal nerve stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and focally administered seizure therapy--is ECT about to go the way of the typewriter and the encyclopedia?