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having or localized centrally at a focus

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Melanocytic markers, including Melan-A, MiTF, Mart-1, and HMB45, can be diffusely or focally positive (Figure 1, D).
Sackeim, Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Radiology, Columbia University and Founding Editor of Brain Stimulation added: The field of brain stimulation has exploded, with the development of multiple techniques to physically and focally alter brain function.
CD1a was negative in foamy histiocytes (Figure 3B), S100 was focally positive in foamy histiocytes and adipocytes (Figure 3C), and CD68 was positive in all foamy histiocytes (Figure 3D).
It is a future that has been very clearly and focally imagined by the Qatar National Vision 2030, driven by economic diversification into mainstay and emerging growth sectors.
2 (dim staining), strongly positive for prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), and very focally weakly positive for PSA, PSA phosphatase (PSAP), and pancytokeratin (Fig.
They usually begin focally with facial twitching and drooling, followed by rapid secondary generalization to a tonic-clonic seizure.
Focally papillary fragments of tissue lined by large cells with abundant clear cytoplasm (balloon cells) were noted.
The surface of the mass was focally covered with slough and bled on touch.
Histopathological examination revealed a lobulated tumour consisting of tumour cells showing sebaceous differentiation with palisaded germinative cell nests at the periphery fair amount of mitotic activity (maximum 7/10HPF) and cell nests containing central eosinophilic degenerated material and focally surrounded by lymphoid cells.
2) Sclerotic bone lesions in tuberous sclerosis are frequently seen in the axial skeleton especially calvarias and spine, are at times distributed focally and have irregular borders and variable size.
In addition, they were focally positive for CA-125 (figure 3C case 1) and p53 (figure 3D case 1), with weak, focal expression of CEA, EMA, bcl-2, and CD15.
The cause of death for dolphin 2, a juvenile male (Table), was severe, focally extensive cerebral necrosis, secondary to vasculitis and thrombosis associated with abundant fungal hyphae characteristic of Aspergillus spp.
Then 70% TCA was focally applied by pressing hard on the entire depressed area of atrophic acne scars using a sharpened wooden applicator.
99m] TcHMPAO scan showed a focally deficient cerebral blood flow that improved after zolpidem treatment, but the [sup.