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the confinement of an infection to a limited area


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the act of bringing into focus

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But in the plot development of "Psychology," focalization frequently shifts between the male and the female protagonists, a shift that has incurred dissatisfaction and criticism.
Unlike the majority of the narrative, in which we watch Lou remembering his past, the focalization of these final panels presents the reader with Lou's point of view.
The employment of deictics which are clear markers of focalization makes the shift in internal focalization unmistakably clear: "this grossly inappropriate text .
The impact of Wickham's intrusion is reflected in the transition out of focalization through Darcy to an unsettling narrative no-man's land.
In his focalization, David refuses to use the word "rape" for what has happened between them (25).
In the latter instance, "like" ceases to be mere simile: the subjective focalization employs a kind of associationism: of lime to cuttle, of wren to goldsmith, and then ultimately of scent to its cause.
In July, the company equipped Buzau city with a similar system including 163 Speed Dome video cameras with automatic focalization.
By troubling the truth-status of memory, the novel's construction of testimony discloses historical violence less accessible to metropolitan focalization, a circumscribed mode of observation that is both a descriptive and prescriptive (or norming) narrative mechanism for generating meaning.
While this reader finds Peterson's essay to rely a tad too heavily on critical jargon, I do appreciate the cutting edge of a piece that, rightly, critiques Morrison's among contemporary ecocritical texts: "It is in/through relationships between hypothetical and (regular/ normal) focalization that certain eco-critical and narratological understandings emerge in close readings of Morrison's A Mercy" (10).
The middle of the paragraph, beginning with the dependent clause of the fourth sentence--"it meant fish"--is written with ambiguous focalization, a function of the free indirect discourse.
The ability of characters and narrators to comment on the state of things can be connected to the ability to external and free focalization, in terms of narratology; focalization is a useful concept in my analysis of the point of view and thus the reliability of specific utterances or of a speaker or narrator more generally.
Gerard Genette has called this convention "zero focalization," or vision from behind (or above), because the narrator tells more than any of the characters know, and this is especially important for the narrator's strategy in the gap-riddled and arranged text of Light in August.
Focalization strategy: focalization by cost and by differentiation.