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the confinement of an infection to a limited area


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the act of bringing into focus

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This poem offers an example of the manner in which Ovid switches focalisation in mid-narrative.
Focalisation of the visual representation is its directly seen visual signifiers and the implied focus point or viewpoint.
There should be recognisable links between early and later learning about literate strategies like focalisation and plotting, to name only a few.
Romantic poems, for example, often suggest the identity of narrator (speaker) and protagonist as well as the coincidence of voice and focalisation through simultaneous narration, the use of the present tense and first-person pronouns (cf.
Similarly, Agaat's account is one that must be searched for among the layers of Milla's focalisation, with which it merges to such an extent that it is not easily observed, though its presence is very real.
The other three novels are non-omniscient narratives narrated in internal focalisation (9), either in the form of first-person narrative (The End of the Affair) or in the form of neutral third-person narrative rendering the story through the characters' point of view (The Heart of the Matter and The Power and the Glory).
The working head featured ZnSe focalisation convex lens, with 200 mm focal distance, and 0.
This passage not only emphasises the fragmented subjectivity of the narrator, but also points to the separation between hand and voice, between the focalisation through the memories of the narrating (read writing) self and the focalisation through the self that "creates" these memories.
Les participantes sont conscientes des risques que generent la focalisation de la depense publique et internationale sur les deplaces consideres comme une population cible et les ressentiments que cette situation provoque chez les << pauvres historiques >>.
Following her careful distinction between the actorial type of narrative (the dominant mode of focalisation in the Golden Ass, reproducing the limited perspective of the ego-protagonist Lucius) and the auctorial type of narrative (reproducing the broader perspective of the ego-narrator), MM gives an outstanding analysis of the encomium on hair (Met.
One reason the focalisation of the painting - through Christ's eyes - might not have been attempted before is artists would have been wary of presuming to portray Christ's view.
One of the most important contributions Branigan makes to the study of filmic narration is his rigorous definition of focalisation in film:
Toutefois, la focalisation retenue -- et imposee par le theme de la Metropole -- porte sur le centre-ville, les quartiers bourgeois et les quartiers ouvriers et jette un regard sur une seule territorialite, celle de la ville utile, de la ville connue, geree et planifiee par les classes dominantes.
La premiere partie de l'ouvrage, <<Point de vue et style epiques>>, est consacree a la focalisation et au style.
The description of the countryside in the opening chapter is a description a focalisation interne, i.