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having or localized centrally at a focus

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Multifocal laser correction--treatments available such as Presbymax aim to create multiple focal zones on the cornea which produces vision at all distances.
2003, Space-time distribution of earthquake swarms in the principal focal zone of the NW Bohemia/Vogtland seismoactive region: period 1985-2001.
It does not improve lateral resolution in the near field or in the focal zone because it depends on the width of the beam.
Many of these anesthetic techniques can result in significant respiratory variability resulting in the movement of the stone out of the focal zone.
In a focal zone, this number could increase to about three in every 1,000 waves," Dr.
Focusing also has the benefit of locally increasing the sensitivity for detection of small defects, as the energy is concentrated in the focal zone and the signal to noise ratio is increased as a result.
The STS-TC features the largest available focal zone (12 mm x 90 mm), allowing for more successful fragmentation of larger stones, and mitigating positioning errors or displacement by respiration.
The electrohydraulic Ossatron has a larger focal zone (the area where the pressure is the greatest).
Focal Zone or Focal Point: One or more areas of greatest visual impact or weight; one or more centers of interest to which the eye is drawn to most naturally.