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having or localized centrally at a focus

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Many of these anesthetic techniques can result in significant respiratory variability resulting in the movement of the stone out of the focal zone.
The broad converging beam proximal to the focal zone near the transducer is the near field (Fresnel zone).
In a focal zone, this number could increase to about three in every 1,000 waves," Dr.
The electrohydraulic Ossatron has a larger focal zone (the area where the pressure is the greatest).
HIFU focuses sound waves in a targeted area, which rapidly increases the temperature in the focal zone, causing tissue destruction.
3 Return to the bus focal zone initiative with bus stops in Broadgate, Trinity Street, Cross Cheaping, the bottom of Hertford Street, Lidice Place and Corporation Street.
Concern among local residents over the construction of the new reactor will grow, however, as the Hamaoka station is located in the center of the focal zone of a big earthquake that is expected to hit central Japan's Tokai region centering on Nagoya.