focal seizure

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transitory disturbance in motor or sensory function resulting from abnormal cortical activity

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Factors increasing the likelihood of a second seizure include a remote symptomatic cause, younger age at presentation (under 2 years) and focal seizures or focal neurological findings on examination.
Therefore, although EEG readings were not recorded during induction of anaesthesia, in view of the clinical observations and the literature described above, we suggest that the tonic-clonic movements observed in the patient's left upper limb resulted from seizure activity triggered by sevoflurane because of a lowered seizure threshold, secondary to the previous hypocalcaemia-induced focal seizure activity.
EEG showing presence of focal seizures may assist with localising the site involved and predict seizure recurrence, as well as signalling subclinical status epilepticus.
perampanel) as an adjunctive treatment of focal seizures, with or without secondarily generalised seizures, in patients with epilepsy aged 12 years and older.
MedPage Today reports that the baby came to the hospital with focal seizures, poor appetite, and a two-week history of runny nose and cough.
Unilateral pupillary dilatation during focal seizures.
Age, sex, seizure type and aetiology do not predict response; the diet is equally effective in generalised tonic, clonic, absence, myoclonic and focal seizures [Schwartz et al.
Fourteen chapters cover optimal use of the EEG and brain imaging in diagnosis and management, principles of therapy, neonatal seizures and syndromes, encephalopathies, severe neorcortical epileptic syndromes, benign focal seizures, idiopathic generalized epilepsies, familial focal epilepsies, symptomatic and probably symptomatic focal epilepsies, reflex seizures and reflex epilepsies, and a pharmacopoeia of prophylactic antiepileptic drugs.
He describes focal seizures as occurring when pools of neurons surrounding the focus are sufficiently excited and generalized seizures occurring when the level of cortical excitability has reached a point at which thalamic recruiting volleys generalize and spread.
To the Editor: A 38-year-old, HIV-seropositive Nigerian man sought treatment with an 8-month history of severe parietal headache, impaired memory, fatigue, paresthesia of the left arm, and left-sided focal seizures.
She developed right-sided focal seizures and fever.
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