focal seizure

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transitory disturbance in motor or sensory function resulting from abnormal cortical activity

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I can understand that he might be reluctant to tell his doctor if his recovery has been going well so far, but it is important that he shares this information, since it is possible for focal seizures to be a warning sign for an impending generalized seizure.
Prompt assessment is required to capture the focal seizure ultimately before it progresses to a bilateral, convulsive seizure involving both tonic and clonic components.
The remaining 10 had at least one other sign, such as nuchal rigidity, prolonged focal seizure, or petechial rash.
Magnetic resonance imaging should be considered in the initial evaluation of patients presenting with seizure, particularly intractable focal seizures because of its high sensitivity for epileptogenic substrates, superior soft tissue contrast, multiplanar capability, lack of beam hardening artefacts, lack of ionising radiation.
Focal seizure warning signs include deja vu (a feeling that events have happened before), butterflies in the stomach, sudden fear or euphoria, an unusual smell or taste, and pins and needles in the arms and legs.
SFS was defined as a generalised seizure with no focal seizure activity or focal manifestations during the postictal period, lasting less than 15minutes and not recurring within the next 24 hours or during the same febrile illness.
Gliosis and perivascular cell infiltrates are typical findings on histology, while acute reversible magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) lesions are often associated with a focal seizure.
Generalized seizure was found in 67% of patients (n=36 male, n=31 female), 27% had focal seizure (n=17 male, n=10 female) and 6% of the patients had epilepsy of an undetermined type.
During induction of anaesthesia with sevoflurane for the right cataract surgery, the patient had a focal seizure similar to those previously occurring when the patient was hypocalcaemic.
Of greater significance, this signal significantly attenuated focal seizure sensitivity and prevented cell death.
If the child has had a focal seizure or focal neurological abnormalities, a computed tomographic brain scan may help detect any unsuspected structural lesions.
Categorising Focal seizures has always been problematic, and one must keep in mind that individual patients may suffer from more than one Focal seizure type.
The yield of CT-negative, MRI-positive findings was highest in patients with focal neurologic exam, neurodevelopmental delay, focal EEG, focal seizure, [and MRI evidence of right mesial temporal sclerosis]," he said.
In 27 patients of focal seizure, CT was abnormal while in 53 patients of GTCS CT head was normal.
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