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the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)

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The 41 preoperative donor liver biopsies revealed 13 hydrops, 8 sinusoidal dilatation, 9 pigment deposition in hepatocytes, and 18 sparse focal necrosis.
12,13 Histological examination showed that there was swelling of hepatocytes, focal necrosis, zonal necrosis and ballooning degenerations.
33 Table 2: Histopathological Changes Organ Histopathological Changes Liver Portal oedema, Portal haemorrhage and congestion, Sinusoidal congestion, Focal necrosis, inflammation Adrenals Cortical and medullary haemorrhage and oedema, Focal necrosis, Capsular haemorrhage and oedema Table 3: Histopathological Changes of Organs--Grading Immediate in Death Organs Grade I 1+ to % Grade II 4+ to % 3+ (Mild) 6+ (Moderate) Liver 5 71.
No other significant changes such as focal necrosis or steatosis were observed.
Focal necrosis may be seen, and mitoses and apoptotic bodies are usually numerous.
5 points: less than 30% of hepatocytes with vacuolar degeneration; 1 point: 31-60% of hepatocytes with vacuolar degeneration; 2 points: more than 60% of hepatocytes with vacuolar degeneration; 3 points: 100% of hepatocytes with vacuolar degeneration; 4 points: hepatocytes with vacuolar degeneration and unit focal necrosis on the slice; 5 points: hepatocytes with vacuolar degeneration and widespread necrosis.
Skin punch biopsy of the purpura over his legs showed separation of the stratum corneum, focal necrosis of acrosyrinx, and thrombosis of blood vessels throughout the dermis and subcutaneous tissue (Figure 2).
Alterations in the two species, comprising an increase in the number of MMCs, fatty degeneration, inflammation, congestion, hepatitis and focal necrosis, were reported in other zones (Figure 3 C, D, E and F).
Hydrolytic enzymes, cytokines, chemokines and growth factors are released as a result of activation of the monocytes (macrophages) into the blood vessel, resulting in further damage and focal necrosis.
Occasionally, increased mitotic activity with atypical mitoses and focal necrosis can be present.
Histological evaluation demonstrated granulation tissue with focal necrosis and dystrophic calcification, multinucleated giant cells, old hemorrhagic products, reactive histiocytosis at the periphery, and rare black angulated metallic fragments (Fig.
Core biopsies microscopically showed a tumour with vague trabecular architecture, bands of fibroblastic stroma and focal necrosis.
Clinical conference: management of rare events following dermal fillers - focal necrosis and angry red bumps.
Minor or un noticed pressure due to vomiting, bending or coughing in addition to splenic congestion, infarction and focal necrosis leads to distension of the splenic capsule and rupture.
In the study of biopsies in patients with moderate HBV activity, above described changes were more pronounced with the formation of focal necrosis with marked inflammatory cell infiltration of some portal tracts.